Simon Shamailov


Medical Reviewer

About :

Hi, my name is Simon Shamailov. I grew up in New York City and later moved to northern Florida. I was always interested in science, specifically the medical field. My mom and dad, as well as my grandma,  were all in the medical field. I graduated with my RN license from Daytona State College and started working in home care. After home care, I worked in long-term care and then in two hospitals. Throughout my professional life, I always saw a dire need for promoting health. I saw that many of the health problems and concerns people face could be reduced or eliminated if people took care of themselves. I have been involved in public speaking, mainly about preventative health including diet, exercise and stress reduction. I enjoy helping people take control of their health. I enjoy the look on peoples’ faces when they see their lives improving. Most of all, I enjoy helping people, and whatever work I do, that will always be my goal.