Regina Thomas


Medical Reviewer

About :

Regina holds a B.S. and a M.A. from the University of Toledo. She is also a certified health promotion prevention specialist and is the Director of Student Wellness Programs at a prestigious, private liberal arts college in Lancaster, PA.

Regina is responsible for leading comprehensive, evidence-based health promotion programs that impact students, employees, and other University community members. She designs, delivers, and evaluates health promotion, health education, and risk reduction initiatives on priority health topics evidenced by campus and national data (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, other drug use, stress, sleep, and other mitigating behaviors.)

In addition, Regina facilitates in the collecting and analyzing of assessment data related to health promotion, including the National College Health Assessment. Another aspect of Regina’s portfolio is that she works to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with internal and external partners and manages a $1 million dollar endowment for Mindfulness initiatives.

Regina has been a professional blogger and writer for over 10 years, writing her own personal blog, partnering with major corporations, and earning great recognition as a ghost writer within the health profession industries. Regina is passionate about health and wellness and enjoys writing, researching, and exploring health promotion and wellness topics.

Finally, Regina is a certified PIYO instructor and an avid runner who has multiple half marathons under her belt.