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HELO Smart Wristband Health Watch Review – May, 2021

So, you’re considering a new smart health watch, and your search has inevitably led you to this HELO quick wristband health watch review.

The reason I was interested in the HELO was that I wanted to a serious effort towards improving my health. To develop, I had to measure. My problem with every major health push in my life was that I ALWAYS dropped off stepping, and this made me much less focused and disciplined.

If you’ve ever been in that kind old steep decline in workout motivation and discipline, you can understand what I was going through. I went through that cycle dozens of times, but I finally made a real effort to correct it.

Things to consider before buying a HELO Smart Wristband

The main reason people are interested in a HELO smart wristband is the desire to improve their health.

When looking at all the features and benefits, make sure that they are in line with your ultimate goal. Many smartwatches come with so many features that they overwhelm our decision-making when it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

  • What information is essential to me?
  • Will it help me track this information?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Can I wear it for ALL my athletic activities (running, swimming, cycling, etc.)?
  • Will it pair with any of my other technology?

The ideal HELO smart wristband user is someone who is passionate about getting into or staying in shape and is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. Keep in mind that the HELO smart wristband won’t do the exercise for you, it’s merely a potent tool to help take you to where you want to go.

Welcome to the HELO Smart Wristband

The HELO might look like your average run of the mill smart wristband, but it’s made significant strides in becoming an all-in-one comprehensive health monitor.

What I like about the HELO is that it syncs with the HELO app on your smartphone, making using this little device a seamlessly comfortable experience. The app even allows you to share your health data with friends, loved ones, and physician, making it an excellent way to keep yourself accountable.

The HELO also comes with a Panic button. When pressed, this panic button alerts your assigned guardian of your GPS location in real-time. Imagine the relief this simple feature provides for the elderly and children.

Pros and Cons

  • Claims to be an active comprehensive health monitor
  • Comes with HELO app
  • Has a wide variety of useful features.
  • Many of the most exciting features yet to be released
  • Many reviews claim poor functionality
  • Relatively new product.

HELO Wristband Features and Benefits

The HELO is loaded with a bunch of features, each that can be directly utilized to help you become healthier and stronger version of yourself.

By far one of my favorite aspects of the HELO is how it syncs with an app and presents this data in an easy to understand user interface. Becoming healthy is more than just dropping a few pounds and keeping your health stats within a safe range. It’s a lifestyle that requires consistent and constant benchmarking as you grow older and older. The HELO makes it possible to understand your health picture today so that you can better improve on it tomorrow.

Heart Rate and Steps

This feature comes standard on virtually every smart health watch and is often the foundational feature most people consider. This technology has been around for years, and the HELO wouldn’t be competitive without it. While there shouldn’t be any issues with these features, there are some reviews online that claim some imperfections. Be sure to input your height and weight information for accurate tracking accurately.

Since the HELO does not use a traditional cuff, one could assume some errors in BP tracking. The microcirculation is powered by a Toshiba TZ series processor, which is relatively efficient. It’s important to note that the HELO shouldn’t be used for medical diagnosis but functions reasonably well within the range of consumer-grade monitoring. Be sure to set a BP calibration at the beginning to have a standard of comparison.


The ECG on the device works how ECGs typically work. Just place a finger on the sensor plate, and the HELO’s rhythm tracing will generate an ECG report in real time after it gathers enough information. This is a neat little feature, and the fact that it can be tracked makes the HELO very appealing to me.

Sleep tracking is another fairly standard feature on most smartwatches. The HELO tracks a log of your sleeping patterns, although the beta version of the app has some inefficiencies. The HELO support team has acknowledged that there are issues with the sleep monitoring features, and I’m sure they are working hard to resolve them. I’m a huge fan of tracking my sleep because it’s incredibly correlated with my mood and energy levels the following day.

Other Features (Energy, Mood, and Respiration)

I initially thought these features were a bit of a reach just because it’s difficult to comprehend how this device could measure these variables. Energy levels seem to be pretty on par with the amount of energy expended (i.e., sleeping vs. running). Reviews have reported the respiration tracking isn’t accurate on the HELO. Additionally, since mood is such a subjective variable, I wouldn’t be shocked if users further indicate inaccuracies in the HELO mood tracking.

SOS Functionality

This feature alone is what helps the HELO stand out from a multitude of different smartwatch options. By pressing a single button twice, a nominated person will receive an SOS message with your GPS location. This is an incredibly useful feature for parents with kids who walk home from school, people with repeat health issues, and virtually anybody since you never know what can happen out there in this crazy world. This feature is free and doesn’t require a subscription. Personally, I love that these features become more present in wearable technology since wearables come with the technology already built-in.


The HELO also has a monitoring feature that allows users to share their results with loved ones, friends, and physicians. This feature requires a subscription to a plan, but once subscribed you can monitor the health of up to twenty other people.

Keep in mind, how can the above features solve your core problem? Every single one of these elements can be used to push the needle on becoming healthier and happier, but you must be sure to make full utilization of them.

Social Proof

While the HELO has it’s fair share of criticisms; there are countless satisfied and happy customers.

This review shows that the HELO might have had a rough start, but the HELO team turned things around by fixing the majority of the problematic issues with the hardware and app.

This review shows the HELO in a positive light, especially for those with genetic conditions that require constant monitoring. However, the HELO team also offers people who are in love with the product the ability to become distributors to promote HELO to other potential customers.

This user-provided an objectively positive review, but also provided some insight into good buying practices.

Alternatives to the HELO Smart Wristband Health Watch

The health watch world is filled with many wearables, but finding a wearable competitive to the HELO is a task in of itself. However, a few good options do exist.

Perhaps the most famous health wearable, Fitbit has been in the game for a while. The Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent alternative to the HELO because it provides mostly all the same features, as well as accurate sleep tracking with a wake-up alarm. The Fitbit Charge 2 is a bit more expensive than the HELO but has a huge community and a couple of new features that make it stand out. If you’re considered a more top of the line model and want to pay a premium, you might want to check out the Fitbit Charge 2. If you just want the standard health tracking issues with a few more exciting features, you’ll be happy with the HELO.

The MOOV NOW is a funky little device that is both fun and useful. It’s relatively cheap compared to many other wearables on the market and has all the features you’d want in a health tracker. It’s also got a crazy long six-month battery life. What makes the MOOV NOW stick out is that it comes with a bunch of exercises based training such as swimming mode, boxing, and rep-based training, run coaching, and sleep monitoring. However, the MOOV NOW doesn’t have GPS features or any emergency functionality like the HELO smartwatch. If you’re looking for a middle of the road option without some of the fancier features, you’ll likely enjoy the MOOV NOW. Check it out here.

: The Garmin Vivosmart 3 comes from the golf supergiant Garmin, and offers everything you could want from an exercise tracker. The battery life lasts about six days, and the watch comes with a heart rate monitor as well as all the standard feature. The fitness age feature shows an attempt to create a fitness watch that is made for gym-goers, rather than only for runners. The Garmin Vivosmart 3, however, does not come with a GPS feature. It also comes at a relatively high price. It is still a good looking watch and functions excellent, so if you want to wear a wearable in style, check out the Garmin Vivosmart 3.

While there are many options out there that are comparable to the HELO, keep in mind that the HELO is continuously innovating new features that could potentially blow all of these out of the water.


The HELO Smart Wristband helps people to keep track of their fitness stats, and indirectly build their focus and discipline in becoming a healthier version of themselves.

It’s incredibly important to put technology on your side to better yourself in a world where unhealthy choices are at every corner.

Having a wearable on your wrist to just remind you to make the better decision when it comes to your health is a great bonus, but the HELO goes far beyond being a simple mention. It provides users to keep track of things that are paramount to their health, and ultimately their time on this planet.

The HELO also comes with a handful of great features not many other wearables have.

  1. While the energy and mood tracking features might be unrefined, once the HELO team figure out how to make them highly accurate people will start to see enormous benefits. Remember, what gets measured gets improved. If you can track your mood and make a conscious effort to improve it, you’ll be a much happier person.
  2. The SOS functionality makes it possible to have peace of mind for yourself and loved ones. Bad things happen all the time, and having help only two clicks away on your wrist at all times is a step in protecting yourself.
  3. The Monitoring feature allows you to keep you and a group of people accountable. Social proof is enormous, and by having all your friends, loved ones, and physicians seeing your health information is a great motivator to keep moving.

Think the HELO is a good fit for you? Check it out here!