Tangerine Essential Oil

TangerineDo you need to re-energize or uplift your mood?

Does your immune system need a boost?

Is your baking or cooking lacking a bright, sweet flavor?


Tangerine essential oil has a long history in traditional Chinese culture for its health benefits and practices in herbal medication. It is extracted from the rind, or peel, of the fruit, and it provides numerous benefits that can be applied aromatically, topically and internally. This oil has been used to create clarity and feelings of happiness, as well as boost the immune system. It is also great for using in baking or cooking any dish that needs an additional burst of sweetness or citrus flavors.

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What is Tangerine Essential Oil?

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Principal Benefits

  • Can make you feel energized or happier
  • Can help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Adds a sweet and citrus flavor to baking and savory dishes




How to Use Tangerine Essential Oil

This essential oil can be used in a handful of different ways. It can be applied aromatically, topically and internally. You can choose to focus on one area with it, or you can take advantage of all of its wonderful benefits.

Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatic Use: Apply the oil as a few drops into a diffuser to energize your mind or erase a bad mood. You may also apply one to two drops into your palms and inhale directly for these effects.
  • Topical Use: This essential oil is safe enough to apply directly to the skin, if you avoid sensitive areas. Apply one to two drops to your abdomen to create a feeling of happiness. You may also dilute the essential oil with coconut oil.
  • Internal Use: Dilute a drop of this essential oil in four ounces of tea or another beverage, and drink to feel energized and to maintain the immune system. The essential oil can also be added to baked goods, such as cake, candy or ice cream, for a citrusy-sweet flavor. It is also a popular flavor in Chinese or other Asian cuisine.

Directions for Use:

For aromatic use, add three to four drops of the essential oil to a store-bought diffuser to relieve stress and create a focused mind. You may also add a single drop between your palms and inhale directly. For topical use, you may add one to two drops directly to the skin, or you may dilute it with a carrier oil before applying. Always dilute the oil in a liquid before ingesting.

Tangerine Essential Oil Health Benefits

  • This essential oil can be added in three to four drops to any diffuser for aromatic use. Inhale the aroma to create a sense of energy and clarity.
  • If you mood is feeling low or unhappy, add one or two drops to your palms, rub them together, and inhale directly to feel a burst of positivity.
  • Apply this essential oil in one to two drops to flex points or your abdomen to also create a happy mood.
  • This essential oil is believed to possibly have purifying properties. Add a few drops to a hot bath, and you may feel your muscles and body relax.
  • Vitamin C is believed to help regenerate damaged skin cells and repair dark spots and scars on the skin. Combine a drop with a face or body lotion, and massage it into areas that have been damaged by the sun or acne.
  • It can be used in loo of fresh fruit that may not be in season. Add a single drop at a time to baked goods to give your food a bright, citrus flavor. This sweet-tasting oil tastes very good with chocolate and mint.
  • You can also add the oil to beverages, such as smoothies, teas or other citrus drinks. Use one drop per four ounces, and consume directly.
  • For internal use, you can use it to help maintain your immune system. This is particularly beneficial during cold months or changing seasons, when illnesses are usually in the air. By regularly ingesting it, you can help promote a healthy intestinal tract.
Tangerine – Citrus reticulata

Tangerine Essential Oil Research

A study was performed in 2011 to research and discover the chemicals found within multiple types of citrus essential oils, as well as the best way to extract them. Several citrus fruits, including tangerines, were dried and compressed to extract oils from the peels and rinds. The oils were then dissected and analyzed, and it was found that limonene was very prevalent amongst all of the citrus peels. Limonene is what is theorized to be the main chemical component that provides any supposed health benefits of tangerine oil. Ongoing studies will be performed to further study and find any biological activities and antioxidant properties of this essential oil. These conclusions have not been approved by the FDA, and it should not be used as a means to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tangerine Essential Oil Nutrition

This essential oil has a wide range of benefits to your health. To decrease a bad mood, diffuse it, and use its aromatic effects to feel happier and at ease. The bright scent can also be used to perk the senses up and give you a burst of energy in the middle of the day. You can also improve your mood by adding a drop directly to any flex points or your abdomen. If you want to maintain a healthy immune system, regularly ingest the oil in hot beverages or meals. It can be added as one to two drops to tea, or it can be combined in baked good and savory dishes. This essential oil may also have antioxidants, which could help detoxify the body. For topical application, you can use it with a carrier oil, and massage it into any skin that appears to be damaged by the sun or acne.

Tangerine Essential Oil Safety

TangerineThis essential oil is a fairly safe product to use. For aromatic use, you may add a few drops to a store-bought diffuser, or you may add one to two drops directly to your palms to inhale. For topical use, you may apply it directly to the skin, but avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears. You may also combine it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to decrease sensitivity. If ingesting, dilute each drop with four ounces of water before consuming.

Tangerine Essential Oil Substitute

This essential oil should never be used is a substitute for prescribed medication, and it can never be used as a treatment for any disease; however, it does have many health benefits you may not need to spend money on other products for. Instead of paying for overpriced citrus fruit that is out of season, use it in your baking or cooking to add a sweet and bright flavor. Instead of purchasing expensive creams, or face masks that claim to have Vitamin C in them, add a drop of the oil to your regular face or body lotion, and massage it into areas that have sun or acne damage.

Tangerine Essential Oil Blends Well With

This essential oil has a naturally strong, citrus scent, but it is also very sweet. To give yourself a boost of energy in the morning, or in the middle of a long day, blend it with cilantro or black pepper essential oils. The bright and spicy scents, combined with the citrus scent, will perk you up. To create a more clear-minded and happy atmosphere, blend it with lavender or ginger. These warm smells can help calm any anxious feelings and will lead you to a happier mood. This essential oil also blends well with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, or cilantro in teas and other hot beverages. The combination will improve your mood, and it may also help ease indigestion and stomach pains. To intensify the purifying qualities of the oil, add it to spikenard in bath water or a body cleanser. Massage these diluted oils into the skin to feel their purifying effects.

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Tangerine essential oil has been used for centuries, thanks to its herbal uses in medicine and its delicious flavor. Originally from Chinese culture, it is used to regulate a healthy immune system, as well as to benefit aging or sun-damaged skin. The delicious taste of tangerine oil is perfect for using in baked goods or many savory dishes. It can even be added to tea, smoothies and lemonade. It’s aromatic benefits can help one to feel energized, clear-minded and happier. Tangerine essential oil is a very versatile oil, as it can be used in a diffuser, in food and beverages, baths and beauty products, and it can even be applied directly to the skin.


Tangerine essential oil has many wonderful benefits that may help moderate and maintain certain aspects of your health, both internally and externally. It should never be used as a replacement for prescribed medication, and it is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. Consult with a medical professional before using tangerine oil to regulate your health. If you’re pregnant or nursing, speak with your doctor before using tangerine oil.