Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential Oils For Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss can be one of the most challenging paths that you may ever embark on. Between the countless fad diets, the scam supplement products, and fluctuating willpower, it can be hard to stay on track.

Now before you reach for another sugar-loaded diet drink or a falsely advertised “weight-reducing” tea, consider going a more natural route. 

Essential oils are known to remedy anything from a stuffy nose to providing a cure for many chronic illnesses, and they can even help you get rid of those stubborn pounds.

These highly concentrated oils are extracted directly from plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruits so they are completely natural and in their purest form.

While you will still need to practice mindful eating and formulate an exercise routine, essential oils can help combat the many pitfalls often associated with weight loss. Here are a few of the best essential oils for weight loss. 


Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Citrus X Paradisi Commonly referred to as one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados”, this prominent essential oil has been used for centuries to help you with anything from healthy metabolism to proper skin condition. Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal  
Mentha piperita Peppermint is one of the world’s oldest medicinal herbs, and we are learning more every day about all of the amazing things that this oil can do!* Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal
Lavandula Angustifolia Cherished for over centuries, lavender essential oil is renowned for its unmistakable aroma as well as myriad benefits. With topical, internal and aromatic applications, the oil definitely has a lot to bring on the table. Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal  
Cinnamomum zeylanicum Cinnamon bark is known for its antibacterial and relaxation qualities. Cinnamon can help promote a healthy immune system and a healthy blood sugar level.* It also adds a great flavor to baking and cooking. Applications: Aromatic Topical Internal    
Citrus Limon Being amongst the top-selling essential oils on the market, lemon has quite a few amazing benefits and uses. Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal  
Eucalyptus globulus Eucalyptus essential oil is primarily gathered from Australian eucalyptus trees, so perhaps it is appropriate that it is most widely used to promote relaxation!* Applications: Aromatic, Topical  
Zingiber officinale Long known for its ability to soothe and aid digestion when taken internally, it also has potent properties when diffused or used topically. Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal  
Citrus bergamia Bergamot essential oil has a light citrusy aroma with the power to both relax and invigorate.  This oil also harnesses medicinal qualities that can boost overall digestive and cardiovascular health.* Applications: Aromatic Topical Internal
Foeniculum vulgare Medicinal use of fennel oil can be traced all the way back to the Roman empire.  Today it is used aromatically and topically to benefit many bodily systems and to boost weight loss efforts.* Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal  
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1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential OilFor good reason, grapefruit is included in many diet plans as an effective weight loss aid. For a stronger dose, grapefruit oil should also be incorporated. Grapefruit contains nootkatone which helps to boost the metabolism by stimulating the AMPK enzyme within the body.

This in turn also heightens the body’s senses and lifts energy levels. It also contains limonene which can induce lipolysis, a process that dissolves both fats and liquids.

Grapefruit oil is loaded with antioxidants that are will strengthen the immune system and help reduce excess fluid retention that can cause the scale to tip. 

The essence of grapefruit oil not only provides relief to the digestive system, but it also has a way of immensely suppressing the appetite and fighting against hunger pangs.

A study conducted by a group of researchers from Chulalongkorn University found that inhaling grapefruit oil before dinner time helped to relieve cravings for sweets and even led the participants to become satisfied with smaller meal portions. 


2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential OilFor ages, it has been advised to suck on peppermint to suppress one’s appetite. A more effective option is to just use peppermint oil. In order to lose weight, you must create good habits that will create a better balance within your digestive system.

Peppermint, a known digestive aid, will minimize bloating of the abdomen and works as a diuretic and detoxifier to keep constipation at bay.

In addition to keeping your bowel movements regular, this oil has a way of tricking the body into feeling fuller for long periods of time so that you are not as tempted to snack much throughout the day. Peppermint oil also is an antidepressant that will help keep anxious and depressive thoughts away. 


3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential OilBeing one of the most versatile essential oils available, it is no wonder that lavender oil can also work in favor of your weight loss efforts.

The benefits of lavender are endless and it is dearly noted for being a natural adaptogen. Adaptogens create a “normalizing” effect within the body which is good news for those who retain or gain weight due to hormonal imbalances. 

People suffering from anxiety and depression often have the tendency to carry extra weight that is a lot harder to get rid of. Lavender oil is often used as a natural antidepressant to attain lighter moods.

It can also prevent binge eating often associated with depression as well as give a spike of energy throughout the days and encourage restful nights during sleep hours. 


4. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential OilDiabetics are often frequent consumers of cinnamon, especially when there is weight to be lost as it has a way of regulating blood glucose levels.

When the blood sugar is not steady, one may be prone to eat more than what is needed and energy is often depleted as a result.

If you are looking for a way to satisfy an unwavering sweet tooth, cinnamon oil is the way to go. This oil has a semi-sweet taste that is complemented by its pleasant aroma found in many desserts.

Cinnamon oil is the ideal choice to add to any teas or desserts as it will delay the rate at which glucose is released into the blood. It also keeps the cravings at bay. 


5. Lemon Essential Oil

If you ever wonder why dieters swap out sugary drinks for water enriched with lemon, just know that the reason is a bit more calculated than just adding flavor to bland liquid. Just the smell of lemon oil alone is enough to lower stress levels and solve the hormone imbalances that occur in many people who carry extra weight. It naturally dissolves fat and repairs the digestive system by killing off any parasites, ridding toxins, and decreasing inflammation. A 2013 study found that lemon oil coupled with grapefruit oil can quickly place the body in a state of lipolysis which leads the body to dissolves lipids and fat cells. If you ever wonder why dieters swap out sugary drinks for water enriched with lemon, just know that the reason is a bit more calculated than just adding flavor to bland liquid.

Just the smell of lemon oil alone is enough to lower stress levels and solve the hormone imbalances that occur in many people who carry extra weight.

It naturally dissolves fat and repairs the digestive system by killing off any parasites, ridding toxins, and decreasing inflammation.

A 2013 study found that lemon oil coupled with grapefruit oil can quickly place the body in a state of lipolysis which leads the body to dissolves lipids and fat cells. 


6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential OilIf you feel sluggish all of the time and can’t seem to muster up the energy to go to the gym or take a walk, eucalyptus oil is one to be familiar with.

Eucalyptus oil can combat the mental and emotional issues that play against you during your weight loss journey.

Attempting to lose weight can create a lot of stress so using this oil can instantly boost your mood and minimize depressive episodes. Keeping stress at bay is key so that you are not tempted to partake in emotional eating.

Sleep regulation is also one of its upsides as not getting an adequate amount of sleep at night can cause fat cells to multiply. 


7. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential OilIf you are familiar with naturopathic medicine, ginger has probably come up a lot in your experiences. While the benefits of ginger are endless, amongst the most noted, it is a natural anti-inflammatory and relieves gas and bloating of the abdomen.

Gingerols, a primary compound found in ginger, decreases the inflammation of the intestines causing a reduction in weight and clearing the gut so that it better absorbs the vitamins and nutrients that are consumed. Ginger oil is also a diuretic and a natural detoxifier so it flushes away the toxins within the body. 


8. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential OilCitrus has a way of getting rid of pounds, and bergamot is surely one to bring about results. Bergamot oil is commonly used as an antidepressant so it will be able to keep off those extra “stress pounds”.

It is also packed with micronutrients called polyphenols which not only corrects digestive issues but also combats difficulties with weight management.

A 12-week study involving 98 participants even found that those supplemented with bergamot experienced a weight decrease compared to those who hadn’t taken any. Bergamot oil also has a way of distracting from cravings so that you do not find yourself mindlessly snacking all day. (1)


9. Fennel Essential Oil, Sweet

Fennel Essential Oil, SweetWhile not mentioned as often as the others, fennel oil is not one to be underestimated. From the era of the middle ages until the present, fennel seeds were consumed during fasting periods as they helped to curb hunger pangs.

Fennel also contains melatonin which fights against insomnia and promotes restful sleep. During sleeping hours, your body restores and rejuvenates itself and when adequate sleep is not achieved, the overall functioning of the body is weakened and weight is more likely to cling on. 

Fennel oil also drastically improves the functioning of the digestive system and lessen the desire for sweet treats. 


10. Sage Essential Oil

In today’s world, sage is often recognized for its ability to ward off negative emotions and lift spirits.

While that trait definitely helps in the battle of weight loss, that isn’t the only way sage can help trim down your waistline.

Sage oil is popular amongst many diabetics as it helps to control blood sugar levels and eliminates the desire to overeat.

This potent plant is an antioxidant that relieves digestive issues and maintains energy levels throughout the day. 


How To Safely Use Essential Oils For Weight Loss

While it is unlikely that you would experience any negative side effects from essential oils (unless you have an allergy to the particular plant or another conflicting pre-existing health condition) you will want to be careful using some of them.

Because the concentration of these oils are so great, if applied directly to the skin, it should be diluted with a carrier oil to prevent burning or irritation. Common carrier oils are coconut, jojoba, olive, and almond. 

If you are relying strictly on the aromatherapy aspect of the essential oils, you can either sniff it directly from the bottle, drop some into an oil diffuser, or apply a few drops directly to a cotton ball. Some oils can even be added to water as a means to boost energy and detoxify the body. Just try not to exceed two drops per serving. 

Essential oils are a great tool to keep you motivated and fight the unexpected battles that you may come across on your weight loss journey. Just remember to stay active and always practice portion control and you will be sure to see results in no time!