Essential Oils

5 Essential Oils for Shingles

Essential oils have become increasingly popular products for relaxation as well as homeopathic remedies.

Because of their popularity, essential oils are now widely available at a number of locations such as grocery stores, health shops, and online markets.

Unfortunately, another common occurrence in today’s world is the presence of shingles in certain populations.

Left behind in the body by dormant chickenpox, shingles can cause irritation, itchiness, and more uncomfortable symptoms in as many as 1 in 3 people in the United States each year (1).

However – and fortunately – the world of shingles and essential oils cross: Essential oils have proven to be an effective way to alleviate the negative side effects of shingles.

When an episode of shingles breaks out, it can create a rash that is painful, itchy, and overall unpleasant.

Blisters may appear across the midsection of the body in a stripe-like pattern. Even after the rash disappears, the pain can persist. The trick is to heal the scabs, blisters, ulcers, or other forms of irritation, swelling, and redness brought on by an episode.

Here is a guide to how essential oils can help bring peace and comfort to those affected by shingles, including the specific essential oil types with anti-inflammatory properties and others that are considered the most effective against qualities to use against the disease:

1. Geranium Oil

Doterra Geranium OilThe red flowers often seen in gardens or along sidewalks are geraniums, and the oil extracted from this plant has great healing properties.

Even the ancient Egyptians used this essential oil for helping to heal the skin. They found the oil useful for eczema, dermatitis, and other conditions of the skin.

In fact, geranium oil is so powerful beyond its aromatherapy qualities that the ancient Egyptians also employed it in the preservation of mummies.

This antiseptic has been studied for its ability to relieve the pain that is described as “post-herpetic neuralgia pain” caused by shingles episodes just within minutes of applying it (2).

Even topical solutions produced with capsaicin do not work as quickly and may even take weeks to create substantial improvements.

2. Lavender Oil

Doterra Lavender OilAnother beautiful flower with excellent aromatic properties is the lavender plant.

As a flower, it is notorious as a perfume and a sweet-smelling blossom. Its scent is useful for relaxing and dealing with stress and anxiety as well.

In terms of its essential oil qualities, lavender oil provides numerous medicinal benefits which include anti-inflammatory potential that is especially useful for skin conditions like shingles.

Lavender is known to stimulate what the body is already capable of doing, helping it to heal itself faster and more efficiently.

It also encourages more sound sleep which indirectly contributes to healing from a shingles attack through increased restfulness in the body caused by the oil.

3. Black Cumin Seed Oil

black cumin seed oilAlthough it sometimes goes by other names such as black caraway seed oil, fennel seed oil, or simply black seed oil, black cumin seed oil is excellent for its anti-inflammatory properties.

This oil is also known to have antiviral qualities, both being aspects that assist greatly in relief from shingles symptoms.

When black cumin seed oil is used topically or even ingested, its minerals, B vitamins, acids, and crystalline nigellone, as well as thymoquinone, treat a variety of symptoms that go beyond even those commonly experienced with shingles.

Digestive issues and hypertension can be assisted too, and the overall immune system boost the product gives indirectly helps people with shingles by strengthening the immune system which is often attacked in a flare-up.

4. Peppermint Oil

Doterra Peppermint_Another winner in essential oils that assist those dealing with shingles would be peppermint oil (3).

Extracted from the leaves of the peppermint herb, this oil smells delicious and refreshing at the same time.

Peppermint is of course anti-inflammatory, but it is also known to have properties that are anti-itch – a reason why so many products for insect relief often include peppermint qualities.

Discouraging itching by applying peppermint oil to things like blisters means the skin has more time to heal without being scratched so often.

Another positive quality of using peppermint oil is that, like lavender oil, it helps reduce to stress. Furthermore, it also boosts concentration.

Finally, its antiviral properties make it popular for a number of household remedies.

5. Lemon Oil

Doterra LemonWho might think the little lemon slice in their water could have so much more potential than being merely a garnish?

Lemon oil is yet another great option for treating the pain and discomfort brought on by shingles.

Lemon, like other citrus fruits, is known for its antiseptic properties.

In addition, it reduces the amount of oil that comes in contact with the skin and is yet another anti-inflammatory solution.

Any blemishes or other discoloration in the skin can become more clear with the application of lemon oil. The vitamin content in the oil boosts the immune and circulatory systems as well.

In fact, lemon is a great essential oil for combining with other oils as it compliments many different scents and qualities well.

Final Word

While shingles tends to bring on rashes and itches that just have to be scratched, treating such skin conditions with the right essential oils can substantially alleviate much of that pain.

Using the recommendations in this guide, one should find quick relief for the itchiness and distress caused by shingles symptoms in the body.

Each remedy will require special attention to details such as the dilution and mixing factors, but all oils recommended should be easily obtainable in our store.

Never underestimate the power of simple solutions: essential oils can work wonders for those afflicted with a variety of discomforts!