Essential Oils

4 Essential Oils For Fear

There is a broad dimension of emotions that us humans experience, both negative and positive; but the one that I would never wish, even upon my worst enemy, is fear.

The absolute terror and teeth-clenching anxiety that it causes is extremely uncomfortable and unfortunately, it’s something that everyone experiences and for people including myself, they can begin living in fear of the emotion itself.

On the other hand, however, I and others have also explored and found success in defeating fear and this article will hopefully help you learn how to defeat your own fears.

Exploring Solutions to Fear and Discussing My Personal Solution to Fear

Fear, terror and anxiety are not invincible foes, there are solutions that people have genuine success with and I will help you explore them.

Here are just some of the solutions people use to combat this dreadful emotion:

  • Therapy with a licensed professional
  • Medication from doctors
  • Meditation to find the source of fear
  • Home-remedies like essential oils
  • Changing diets or sleep patterns
  • Entering a new environment

I have personally found success with a few of these solutions, primarily meditation, therapy and essential oils.

There is extensive research showing that both therapy and meditation can stop fear, but that wasn’t enough for me and essential oils, a fear remedy with less exposure, was the solution that put the nail in the coffin for my constant terror.

Essential Oils and How They Help Extinguish the Rampaging Flames of Fear

Essential oils are an amazing, cost-effective tool that you can use to eliminate fear. Here are just some oils that helped me when I used them:

  • Sandalwood
  • Orange
  • Palo Santo
  • Roman Chamomile

Now, I strongly encourage for you to do your own research and determine what is and isn’t right for you, but I’m going to provide research that I have found that supports these being used as solutions against fear and speak of my personal experiences with each of these oils.

Essential Oils For Fear

1. Sandalwood Oil

DoTerra-Sandalwood-Santalum-album-2The essential oil known as Sandalwood is known for its versatility and its traditional usage in religions around the world.

I have personally used it to help with fear and grief, but it can also be used for:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem or self-worth

However, Its effects on fear and anxiety cannot be understated.

For me, the soft, wood smell helped to ground me and remind of my surroundings, taking me away from the fear that was conquering my mental state.

Benefits that others note when using sandalwood include:

  • An overall reduction in anxiety
  • Helps with being “in the moment”
  • Stress reduction
  • Fewer inhibitions

All of these can assist in reducing fear, and it’s my essential oil of choice for that, so learn more about it today.

One quick safety tip though: do not apply it directly to the skin, it should be mixed with another oil or vaporized.

2. Orange Oil

Doterra-Wild-Orange-OilOranges are probably the oil you best recognize here, and the aroma is likely familiar to you; It’s also one of the most inexpensive essential oils and won’t cost too much to use/prepare.

Currently, it’s being studied as a treatment for PTSD, a mental disorder linked to chronic fear in mice, there haven’t been human trails yet, but the preliminary research is quite promising (1).

All mice in the study that were exposed to the orange essential oil had a noticeable reduction in the freezing behavior that can be attributed to PTSD compared to the control group that only received water.

For me, the strong, sweet aroma of this oil caused me to think about the better times in life and fill me with a sense of nostalgia, replacing the fear with feelings of appreciation or gratitude.

For others, they use the aroma to:

  • Promote overall happiness and warmth
  • Eliminate toxins in the body that contribute to fear
  • Relieve anger, an emotion linked to fear
  • Repel insects that could contribute to phobias
  • Relax muscles that could be tense from fear

Now, if you or a family member are allergic to oranges, do not use orange essential oils as they could make someone incredibly sick.

3. Palo Santo Oil

palo santo oilPalo Santo is an oil that’s my personal favorite to pair with meditation to help me with grounding, focus and eliminating fear.

Its aroma is similar to that of Sandalwood, yet different since it has hints of mint and lemon in it.

A fun fact about Palo Santo is that its name can loosely translate to Holy Wood.

While I personally use it for helping with meditation, other people will typically utilize it for:

  • Reducing pain that could link to fear, stress or anxiety
  • A general reduction in fear
  • Can reduce anxiety and stress that links to terror or fear
  • Said to help with easier sleep when mixed with lavender or bergamot, combating fear-based insomnia
  • A general cleansing effect that can reduce odors and bacteria/viruses that could be contributing to a worse mood
  • Is also a muscle relaxer, relieving tension throughout the body
  • Reduces inflammation that can be linked to stress or fear

As seen, there are a myriad of benefits with this oil and it’s one that I love to use myself, so I urge you to check it out and possibly try it as you learn more.

4. Roman Chamomile

Doterra-Roman-ChamomileMy first introduction to Roman Chamomile came from my consumption of tea when I would drink it to calm myself.

At first, I was unaware of its properties as an essential oil, but I quickly learned that it was another great aroma to add to my collection.

It is known for its amazing safety profile and huge variety in use, whether that be as a culinary ingredient in food or beverages or as an essential oil.

Its aroma is recognized by its sweet and herb-like tones. It has found great success in studies, primarily when it was tested on Intensive Care patients to reduce their anxiety and lull them to sleep (2).

The effects people note are:

  • Calming irritability and anger
  • Eliminating nasty fear and stress that could be putting a damper on your day
  • Easing the effects of insomnia to allow healthy sleep
  • Relaxing the muscles, relieving pain and inflammation that could be linked to stress or fear

You have likely indirectly used this oil before in food or tea, just like I have, so why not give it a try on its own to relieve that intense fear.

Ensuring Safety and Correct Usage With Essential Oils

Although I am recommending essential oils to help with fear and ailments related to it, it is imperative to be sure these oils are used correctly and safely.

The first thing to always check is if you’re allergic to essential oils; This can typically be done with a patch test.

A patch test will allow a clear view of how the oil will affect your skin and/or your body.

To complete a patch test, follow these steps:

  1. Vigorously wash a small area of your arm where you intend to apply the oil
  2. Dry the area
  3. Apply and rub a few drops of the oil you’re testing
  4. Wait a day
  5. Observe the area of your arm where the essential oil was applied, if it’s swollen, red, blistering and/or itchy, you are likely allergic to the oil and should discontinue your use of it

Other essential tips include diluting the essential oil, if it isn’t already, to prevent strong reactions to it and talking to a doctor or professional with essential oils about the risks with the oil you’re choosing to use.

Final Word

Essential Oils can be paired with other practices or on their own to eliminate the dreaded fear that everyone experiences.

From my experience with fear, I personally recommend Sandalwood, Orange, Palo Santo and Roman Chamomile.

It is also essential to practice safe use of essential oils and check if you are allergic to them as well as ensuring they’re correctly diluted.