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5 Essential Oils For Essential Tremors

Essential tremors is a neurological disorder that is characterized by tremors or shaking of different parts of the body.

The areas of the body that are most affected include the larynx, arms, hands, head, and tongue; it hardly affects the lower parts of the body.

Scientists and researchers are yet to establish the main cause of essential tremors, but it has no known life-threatening effect. It, however, can hinder the affected individuals from taking care of themselves properly.

Even though scientists are yet to link the condition to specific lifestyles or products, some risk factors predispose individuals to this disorder such as age and genetic mutation.

This article will review some of the essential oils that one can use to manage essential tremors.

Essential Oils For Essential Tremors

1. Frankincense Oil

Doterra Frankincense OilFrankincense essential oil is known for its numerous health benefits. The oil has also proven quite effective in managing essential tremor.

It is an oil that is used in aromatherapy, and it has been used for ages to handle and minimize anxiety, chronic stress, inflammations, and pain (1).

The essential oil is a great remedy for shaking because it works by relieving the affected individual from depression and nervous tension.

Another aspect of Frankincense essential oil that makes it ideal for treating essential tremor is that it has psycho-emotional qualities.

When the affected individual takes frankincense essential oil, it goes through the nervous system, thus calming the nerve tensions to eliminate the tremors.

There is also a procedure for use if you wish to reduce the shaking.

To begin with, you need to purchase pure frankincense essential oil; it is advisable to settle for the highest quality.

You will then be required to mix the pure essential oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on the affected part of your upper body and/or just inhale it.

2. Rosemary Oil

Doterra RosemaryAnother essential oil that might be effective in treating essential tremor is rosemary oil. Rosemary has been used for centuries due to its medicinal purposes such as its anti-cancer effects (2), relieving pains and aches, boosting the immune system, and improving memory.

It is also an effective remedy for treating essential tremors.

Rosemary oil is useful when it comes to dealing with these tremors because it has anti-oxidative, calming, and relaxing properties. When you use rosemary oil, you can eliminate the oxidative stress present in the nervous system.

When this stress is abolished, the nerves are stimulated to function better or normally. This effect translates to the reduction of essential tremors.

Rosemary is not a herb only meant to be used to flavor your food. No. When it is extracted as an oil, it can help combat the tremors.

You, however, have to get 100 percent pure rosemary oil to get the desired effects.

Mix one or two drops of the essential oil into a glass of water and drink it on a daily basis.

Alternatively, you can mix it with olive oil, then gently massage it on the affected part(s).

3. Vetiver Oil

Doterra Vetiver OilVetiver essential oil is also known as khus oil, and it is one of the essential oils that are used to manage essential tremor.

Although it is not as popular as other essential oils, khus oil has important qualities that make it an effective remedy for this disorder.

In a 2016 study, researchers were able to establish that inhaling this essential oil helps to improve alertness and reduce mental fatigue (3).

Moreover, vetiver essential oil can also be used to help people who suffer from ADHD by improving their focus. Besides improving your focus, the essential oil can also help you to breathe better in your sleep. It also has anti-oxidative properties.

Additionally, it can be used to treat anxiety, which is a useful quality for helping to manage Essential Tremor.

When it comes to using vetiver essential oil for your tremors, mix four drops of vetiver essential oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil and three drops of lavender essential oil.

You will need to apply the oil in the morning; you should massage it on the affected areas for about 10 minutes.

4. Cinnamon Oil

DoTerra Cinnamon Essential OilIndividuals who suffer from essential tremor might also consider using cinnamon essential oil to help manage their condition so that they can resume their normal day-to-day lives.

Cinnamon oil has a lot of beneficial qualities, and it is mostly known for helping the body to minimize blood sugar levels in the bloodstream.

Moreover, it is a good remedy for dealing with essential tremors because it helps to relax the muscles in addition to calming the mind. What’s more, it stimulates the nervous system.

All these properties make it useful in combating the shakes and tremors.

Before applying it on the affected part, you should mix the essential oil with coconut oil before proceeding to massage it on the affected parts.

5. Arnica Oil

arnical oilArnica essential oil is yet another essential oil that works well when it comes to treating essential tremors.

Its potential to deal with this disorder hails from the fact that it has muscle relaxing, nerve stimulating, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

These properties are quite effective when it comes to reducing shaking because they calm your nerves and muscles.

Additionally, arnica essential oil is useful when it comes to treating osteoarthritis and reducing pain. This makes it effective at managing the discomforts associated with essential tremors.

When you are using this essential oil to treat essential tremor, however, you should be careful not to use an impure product. Make sure that you purchase 100 percent pure arnica essential oil. It is advisable to buy from a reputable brand for certainty.

Mix two drops of the arnica essential oil with two drops of rosemary oil and two drops of marjoram oil with a carrier oil.

Apply the mixture on the affected area(s) and massage it for about ten minutes. For the best results, repeat the procedure every day.