Lime Essential Oil


Citrus Aurantifolia

Derived from the commonly used lime fruit, this oil is known for a range of different health benefits. It’s been used for centuries and it boasts a versatile bundle of advantages.

Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal


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Lime essential oil is derived after cold pressing the peels of fresh lime fruits and it’s amongst the mostly demanded products on the market. It is energizing as well as refreshing in taste and aroma. Lime fruits are commonly used in beverages because of their particularly fresh and citrusy flavor. The same can be said about the essential oil. Apart from that, it has a high content of limonene and this may help you cleanse your entire body.


  • Add a drop to your facial cleanser or to your shampoo in order to enhance their cleaning properties.
  • You can dilute a drop of the oil in your drinking water. This is going to enhance the taste.
  • Diffuse it in order to conveniently cleanse the air and to induce an uplifting sensation.
  • It may provide powerful internal cleansing benefits due to its high limonene content.

Directions for Use

  • Diffusion: Diffuse up to 4 drops in a commercially bought diffuser.
  • Internal use: Every 4 fl. oz. of liquid can be diluted with a drop of lime oil.
  • Topical use: Apply one or two drops to the area of designation. Make sure to use carrier oil.

Primary Benefits

  • It may be used as an internal, topical and aromatic cleanser.
  • The oil may support healthy functioning of your immune system.
  • It can affect your mood in a stimulating and overly positive manner.
  • Promotes your overall emotional well-being and balance.

Aromatic Description

  • Sweet, citrus, tart

Collection Method

  • Cold pressed or expressed

Plant Part

  • Lime peel

Main Constituents

Y-terpinene, beta-pinene and limonene

*The above mentioned statements are not approved or evaluated by the FDA. Therefore, the product is not to be used to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.


Lime essential oil is quite prominent. Therefore, it’s highly suggested to use it with carrier oil to prevent potential skin irritations. Furthermore, you should keep it away from children because it can cause complications if taken in larger quantities. If you are nursing, pregnant or undergoing medical treatment you need to consult your physician before you take it. Make sure to keep it away from your eyes and other sensitive areas.