Helichrysum Essential Oil


Helichrysum italicum

Deriving from the beautiful flowers of a small perennial herb, helichrysum essential oil is renowned as tremendously beneficial product. From skin benefits to improved metabolism, the advantages are certainly various.

Applications: Aromatic, Topical, Internal


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Commonly referred to as the Immortal or Everlasting Flower, helichrysum is a precious perennial herb which is used in the production of numerous health and beauty care products. It is mostly known for the restorative properties that it has on your skin. This is why it’s commonly used for its powerful anti-aging effects. Deriving from the Greek words “helios” meaning Sun and “chrysos” meaning gold, the essential oil truly lives up to your expectations. It has a bright golden color and it resembles liquid gold. It’s been used in different herbal health practices for a significant amount of time – ever since ancient Greece.


  • Helichrysum oil can be diffused to produce refreshing herbaceous aroma.
  • Topical application can have restorative properties on your skin.
  • Using the essential oil internally may promote stronger and healthier metabolic function.

Directions for Use

  • Diffusion: Use any diffuser and place up to 4 drops of the oil.
  • Internal use: Do not dilute more than a drop of oil in 4 fl. oz. of liquid.
  • Topical use: Use carrier oil when applying it topically to prevent any potential skin irritation.

Primary Benefits

  • It may promote strong and healthy metabolism.
  • Topical application can improve the overall condition of your skin.
  • It’s herbaceous and honey aroma is incredibly relaxing when diffused.

Aromatic Description

  • Hay, honey and herbaceous

Collection Method

  • Steam distillation

Plant Part

  • Flower

Main Constituents

  • Neryl acetate, alpha pinene, y-curcumene


If you are undergoing any special medical treatment it is absolutely mandatory to consult your doctor before you use the essential oil. This is also true if you are currently pregnant. Apart from that, you should make sure that it’s kept away from children and that it doesn’t come in touch with your eyes. Use carrier oil to prevent possible sensitivity of your skin.