Douglas Fir Essential Oil


Pseudotsuga menziesii

Often associated with Christmas trees, Douglas Fir is uplifting and invigorating at any time of the year. Use it to purify the air and your home.

Applications: Aromatic, Topical


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This essential oil is great in the diffuser and evokes the holidays. It can also be used at any time of the year to provide a sense of festivity and happiness. When not being farmed for Christmas trees, these tall trees dominate the Pacific Coast along with their cousins,the sequoias. These dense forests work to clean the air that we breath. When diffused, this oil has similar properties and can make your breathing appear to be easier. It also offers other substantial benefits in the cleansing department. It is great to use on your skin and gentle enough to clean without irritating side effects.It is strong enough, however, to also use on your hardwood floor.


  • Diffuse it to boost your mood and increase your sense of focus. This scent can help ground you when the chaos of everyday life is getting overwhelming.
  • Use it to support clear breathing and encourage open airways.
  • Create a cleaner for floors and other surfaces. Take one gallon of warm water, add 2 tablespoon liquid castile, 5 drops of douglas fir, 5 drops of white fir, 5 drops of cypress and 10 drops of lemon.

Directions for Use

  • Aromatic Use: Diffuse it on its own to freshen the air in your home and to brighten your mood.
  • Topical Use: Simply rub a few drops on your hands and inhale to deeply cleanse airways.
  • Internal Use: It is not to be taken internally.

Primary Benefits

  •     Helps encourage feelings of open airways
  •     Benefits the skin and assists in cleansing impurities
  •     Increases sense of focus and supports an uplifted mood

Aromatic Description

  • Woody, fresh, pure

Collection Method

  • Steam distillation

Plant Part

  • Branch and Leaf

Main Constituents

  • B-pinene, a-pinene, 3-carvene, sabinene


Douglas fir essential oil is safe for aromatic and topical use. It is not to be taken internally. When using douglas fir topically it is not necessary to dilute it with a carrier oil. Keep this out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing consult your doctor before use.