Brightening Gel


doTERRA Brightening Gel combines natural extracts and vitamins with innovative ingredient technologies and CPTG essential oils to brighten and even skin tone.

Primary Benefits

  • Daisy Extract is a natural, skin-brightening agent that acts by promoting even skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots
  • Ginger Root Extract promotes even skin tone and radiant-looking skin
  • Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking youthful while providing skin-brightening benefits
  • Microencapsulation technology protects vitamin C from breakdown due to oxygen exposure, ensuring both the stability and efficient delivery of the vitamin to the skin


CPTG® essential oils of FCF Bergamot, Juniper Berry, and Melissa combine with natural extracts, vitamins, and cutting edge ingredient technologies to brighten and even skin tone. doTERRA Brightening Gel is a gentle and effective way to noticeably brighten the skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation without the harsh chemicals used in other brightening products. Can be used as an all-over facial product or to target dark spots.

Directions for Use

Keep jar upright. Using gentle, even pressure, press bottom of jar until product appears around the black valve. Apply a small amount of gel evenly to face and neck or to specific areas of concern. Keep valve clean and free of buildup. Replace cap after use.


For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Product Spotlight

Whether you are worried about dark spots on your skin, or would like to enjoy a brighter complexion overall, the new doTERRA Brightening Gel will be a helpful addition to your skincare routine. This formula uses natural ingredients and extracts, as well as essential oils with properties that promote clean, healthy-looking skin. By incorporating the Brightening Gel into your regular skincare routine, you can target dark spots and promote a brighter complexion with a product that leaves your skin looking and feeling clean. When your skin could use a little extra boost of brightness, let the natural ingredients of the Brightening Gel help give you a bright, glowing face.

Brightening Gel Uses and Benefits


  1. Many brightening products on the market today use harsh chemicals to try and give the skin a bright, glowing appearance. The doTERRA Brightening Gel uses gentle, natural extracts and essential oils to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten the complexion. When you use the Brightening Gel, you’ll no longer need to worry about putting questionable ingredients on your skin. Not only does the Brightening Gel formula include CPTG® essential oils, but it also uses natural extracts and ingredients like Vitamin C, which is known for its skin brightening benefits. Using microencapsulation technology, the Brightening Gel formula protects the Vitamin C from breaking down (by reducing exposure to oxygen), which allows the vitamin to be efficiently and effectively administered to the skin.
  2. Whether you are tired of covering up dark spots on your face, or just want your skin to look a little brighter, the Brightening Gel can be used to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The beauty of the Brightening Gel is that it can be used to target certain problem areas, and provide overall brightness and clarity to the skin. Many products are only designed to target certain areas or improve the look of the skin overall, but the Brightening Gel can be used to target dark spots on specific areas of the skin, or as an all-over facial product.
  3. Because the Brightening Gel contains safe, natural ingredients and essential oils, it provides a gentle and effective way to noticeably brighten the skin. While other skin-brightening methods are complicated or potentially dangerous, the Brightening Gel can easily be incorporated into your daily or weekly skincare routine to help promote a brighter complexion. Consider applying the Brightening Gel before going to bed at night after cleansing the skin with the Essential Skin Care Facial Cleanser, and toning the skin with the Pore Reducing Toner. You can also apply the Brightening Gel in the morning after you’ve washed your face for the day. Consider using the Brightening Gel morning and night along with the Tightening Serum and Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

 Key Ingredients

  • Bergamot: Not only does Bergamot oil have a lovely, uplifting aroma, but it holds purifying benefits for the skin.


  • Juniper Berry: With natural cleansing properties, Juniper Berry oil acts as a natural toner for the skin.


  • Melissa: With a sweet, citrus-like fragrance, Melissa oil has properties that can help the skin look clean and healthy.


  • Daisy Extract: This natural extract helps to brighten the complexion by promoting an even skin tone and helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.


  • Ginger Root Extract: The use of ginger root extract in the Brightening Gel formula helps to promote an even skin tone and radiant-looking skin.


  • Vitamin C: Not only is Vitamin C known for its skin-brightening benefits, but it can also help to keep the skin looking youthful.