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Essential Oils For Itching Skin


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How Essential Oils For Itching Skin Can Relieve Your Ailment

Using essential oils for itchy skin is an effective option to help soothe your dry, irritated skin. This healing oil provides instant relief from itch caused by dry, itchy skin. It's also a good option for chronic scalp itch. Simply diffuse it onto your scalp and gently rub a few drops on your temples and on the back of the neck to quickly relieve the itchiness.

Basil has been used as a skin care treatment for many years. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties have made it a popular alternative to harsh corticosteroid prescription medications. You can either use pure fresh basil oil, or make a pure carrier oil using a combination of essential oils and carrier oil (such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil). Both are excellent choices, providing quick relief.

Chamomile has a lovely fragrance that is very soothing to the skin. It can be used both externally and internally to treat symptoms of digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. It also treats candida and fungal infections and has been used for centuries as a holistic tonic. The most beneficial types of chamomile oils are the straight, finely ground ones and not the commercial form with the scent additives. Freshly ground chamomile topsically works very quickly.

Peppermint has excellent soothing qualities and relieves many common symptoms of itchy skin, including painful spots. It has a fresh, almost minty, smell to it that can be refreshing. If you live in a relatively warm climate, you can mix a little peppermint oil with carrier oil and apply that to your itchy skin at night. It will give you some relief in the morning when you wake up.

The helichrysum essential oil is derived from a plant with a starchy seed that grows in Mediterranean countries, notably Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy. It is an important part of the medical treatment of dermatitis, eczema, burns, herpes and similar skin diseases. Helichrysum is very mild antiseptic. It must be used with caution because it can cause serious irritation if applied excessively.

Tea tree oil has healing and soothing properties. It has been used successfully in skin care products for many years. You can find tea tree essential oil products on store shelves today, even in supermarkets. It does not belong in aromatherapy. A pure solution of pure tea tree oil will not do anything for you. You must dilute it with carrier oil to make a quality essential oil.

Essential oils can also be diluted with carrier oils to make a quick relief for dry, itchy skin. We can also dilute carrier oils with aloe vera and chamomile to get a soothing, balancing effect. Diluting the Balm with carrier oil can make the Balm a powerful healing balm.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to treat yourself from minor irritations to serious health problems. We can use these types of oils for body sprays, body wash, lotions, bath gels and other personal care products. It's important to dilute oils properly and follow the manufacturer's instructions. There are no dangers in using essential oils.

If you suffer from eczema then you may want to try some drops of lavender oil for your skin. Lavender is a natural ointment which can help soothe and calm inflamed skin. You can even add some drops of rosemary essential oil to your bath water for a soothing soak. It is best to use organic essential oils if you want to avoid irritation or allergic reactions. Most essential oils are very safe if used correctly and according to the manufacturer's directions.

Other types of essential oils are great for treating skin disorders. We can use rosewood essential oils for our bodies to keep the skin soft and healthy. It is important to apply only a small amount at first as you don't want to overwhelm the skin with too much of the essential oil. After a couple of applications your skin should feel much softer and more balanced.

Tea Tree oil is good for soothing dry and itchy skin as well. It is often used in body and bath products, as well as being added to shampoos and soaps. If you find yourself having problems with eczema then you might like to try tea tree oil as a way to treat your skin. If you notice that using essential oils for itchy skin keeps the itches away then you should continue using it daily until they disappear.

Some essential oils you may be interested in trying are eucalyptus, peppermint, marjoram and clove. These are all used for healing and balancing the body's natural pH level. Marjoram and clove have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Eucalyptus is very common in aromatherapy products and works as a muscle relaxant. If you get burn injuries from scratching then tea tree and peppermint make excellent anti-itch remedies.