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Essential Oils For Hormonal Balance


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Using Essential Oils For Hormonal Balance

Essential oils for hormonal balance are used for many different medical conditions and symptoms. Hormone balance is important to the health of both men and women. If you are a woman taking any medications, then you should be aware of your hormones. Taking the right supplements and eating a balanced diet is the key to balancing hormones. Using essential oils for hormonal balance is also an effective option. Read on to learn more about essential oils and how they can affect your hormones.

The primary hormones involved in reproduction are estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones play a large part in the menstrual cycle and regulating their production and release can often cause uncomfortable symptoms. The best natural solutions to aid in the hormonal balance and relieve stress, are: clary sage, lavender, German chamomile, linalool lavender, and jasmine. Research indicates that these olfactory oils can actually help regulate certain hormone action and can also help relieve depression caused by high stress levels.

The liver produces bile which aids in the digestion of fats. Fatty liver is characterized by elevated estrogen levels, which is why high levels of estrogen are associated with the onset of the female menstrual cycle. Many women experience an imbalance in their estrogen levels. Essential oils for estrogen balance will help to regulate the hormone levels in the body and relieve or treat some of the symptoms of this disease.

Another area where many of these essential oils have been used to help balance stress and hormonal balance is in the gastrointestinal tract. Bacterial overgrowth within the gastrointestinal tract is known to contribute to irritable bowel syndrome, which in turn can contribute to constipation and bloating. Stress can also cause the immune system to attack the intestinal lining, which may result in inflammation and also diarrhea. Essential oils can be used topically to relieve these symptoms and regulate bowel movements. Some of the common ingredients include: ginger, rosemary, eucalyptus, basil, oregano, and clove.

The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are two critical areas of the brain that regulate many of our basic bodily functions. These two glands help regulate appetite, sleep cycles, body temperature, sex drive, and our response to stress. Essential oils can be used directly on the glands themselves to help balance out the hormones in the body. Some of the common ingredients include: cayenne, guggul, black pepper, rosemary, thyme, and cinnamon.

The third category of glands responsible for regulating hormone levels is the adrenal glands. The purpose of these glands is to maintain a steady level of hormones throughout the body. The function of these glands can be interrupted due to various events such as intense stress, traumatic injuries, and illness. Essential oils can be used to help balance out the hormone level by using specific combinations of botanical ingredients.

Endocrine system refers to glands and organs that secrete hormones. One of the most common endocrine disorders is acne, which is a condition that results from hormonal imbalances. This imbalance is usually caused by diet, hormones, or genetics. It can lead to the following problems: difficulty getting an erection, body odor, hair loss, and emotional instability. There are several essential oils that can be used directly on the skin to treat these issues. Some of these include: geranium, lemon, lavender, neroli, and peach.

If you're experiencing problems with your hormones, it's important to use essential oils for hormonal balance every day to balance out your hormones. A good way to do this is by purchasing and using a diffuser. You'll find that using diffusers with essential oils can be very soothing and refreshing.