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Essential Oils For Growing Pains


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The Benefits Of Essential Oils For Growing Pains

Gather a bottle of essential oils for growing pains and let me tell you, it can be one of the best investments you make in your child's health and well being. In order to grow young bodies, we must be constantly building on them. It is through our daily activities, both indoors and outdoors that we expose our children to these "growing pains". The "growing pains" that I am referring to are the pains felt in the body as our children develop physically from childhood to adolescence. Essential oils for growing pains can be very beneficial in relieving these pains.

Children usually experience the following: Muscle cramping, bloating, diarrhea, headaches, backaches, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, irritability, skin rashes, tightness, temper tantrums, short attention span, slow learning, temper tantrums, mood swings, insomnia, tics, hair loss, insomnia, and bed wetting. As your children grow older and develop physically, they may also experience growing pains from lack of exercise, excess body weight, skipping meals, and rough housing with siblings. As children get older, they may also suffer from developing pains related to growing, such as headaches, aches in the joints, bloating, diarrhea, joint pain, back aches, headaches, aches in the neck, and joint pain. As children get older, they may also experience aches in the neck, headaches, irritability, mood swings, and slow learning.

The oils in the following list, work to soothe the above mentioned symptoms. As an example, lavender is excellent at relaxing the muscles of the body including the neck and shoulder muscles. It is also known to help soothe emotional and physical discomfort. Lavender is a powerful aroma which creates a soothing, relaxing effect on the entire body.

Chamomile is good for treating growing pains and muscle cramps as well. This oil is a good alternative to help ease any child's growing pains that are related to muscle cramps, especially those pains felt around the stomach and in the lower back area. In addition to helping ease discomfort, chamomile is excellent at relieving nausea in kids. Chamomile can be used in the treatment of many things such as: gas and bloating relief, colic relief, upset stomachs, headaches, and stomach cramps caused by bloating, etc. Chamomile can be used both externally as well as internally for maximum benefits.

Peppermint is a powerful aroma which is great for treating headaches, sore throat, and chest pain, and is especially effective for children who have trouble breathing after a deep breathing or cough. If you had a cold just two hours ago, try using peppermint to soothe your chest and throat when you feel the need. Two hours before, take two tablets of peppermint essential oils which have been mixed together. Then, lie down in your bed and put two tablets to the back of your leg, right underneath your ankle. After two hours, take another two tablets of peppermint, but this time, lay down on your side with your legs raised and knees bent so that the oil will be able to soak into your leg and into your lungs.

This essential oils blend is a wonderful, uplifting blend. It can create a positive mood in even the most stressed out people. Because it is uplifting, it can help calm your nerves, so that you can sleep better at night. Just a few drops of this amazing blend can change the way you feel, and the way you think. Simply add a few drops to some cotton balls or swabs and apply to your face, neck, or other parts of your body where you need a little boost.

If you need a more potent mood enhancer, consider using jojoba essential oils. This amazing oil has a long history of use as an mood enhancer and aromatherapy oil. It also has many other uses. For example, it makes an excellent deodorant. You may also want to consider combining it with lavender, another natural mood enhancer. Using jojoba and lavender in the right combinations can work wonders for anyone who finds their regular deodorant or perfume too expensive to purchase.

A very effective way to bring more energy to your day is to use a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. In fact, this essential oils blend also contains a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. That's because this essential oil is an excellent source of magnesium. To get the best benefits from this mineral, you should use jojoba oil blended with a meal replacement powder that includes fiber and protein. If you combine these nutrients with a quality meal replacement shake made from ground flax seeds, you'll get the most benefits from a single product.