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Essential Oils For Diabetes


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Essential Oils For Diabetes - Which Ones Should You Use?

What's so special about essential oils for diabetes? It seems that as time has gone on the medical community has come to embrace the use of natural therapies as a way of healing. Diabetes and all its complications is very much a part of this modern age. Just when you thought that was over, the medical establishment throws another curve ball into the ring and throws yet another question at you: can you heal diabetes naturally? And can you do it without the use of expensive drugs? It's one thing to say you are going to take your diabetes medicine... it's another to really say that you are going to do it successfully.

When first diagnosed as diabetic, many people made a beeline to their doctors and asked how they can cure diabetes naturally. The first thing they would usually try on their own before turning to more traditional, expensive medical treatments was to turn to essential oils for diabetes first and most definitely only if they initially failed. Those who have done this have been quite happy with the results, can be quite crunchy at times with the medicinal side of things and are very aware of the positive benefits of essential oils in helping the body to heal naturally. Here's why they are so effective at treating and controlling not only diabetic complications but all kinds of health related issues:

* Natural Antioxidant Properties. Diabetes is known to lead to the onset of chronic inflammation. This means that as blood sugar levels rise, the cells in the body begin to release more cytokines which in turn lead to an increased production of free radicals. These free radicals are not good for you because they eat away at the cells and DNA within the cell and tend to cause premature aging of the cells and diseases like cancer. In fact, inflammation is one of the main reasons why diabetics have such high blood sugar levels.

One of the best oils to use for diabetics is the popular almond oil. The oil from almonds is high in sterolins (a type of fatty acid) which are great at controlling diabetes. Other oils that are very effective include olive oil, grapeseed oil and safflower oil. These 3 oils are also very good for lowering blood sugar levels.

* Natural Stimulant of pancreas. Studies have shown that insulin itself is a natural stimulant of pancreatic islet cells which are responsible for producing insulin to secrete sugars in the blood stream. Insulin resistance in turn leads to type 2 diabetes. This is why people with diabetes should always aim to maintain their blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.

* Natural Insulin Sensoremitter. Glucose is the major glucose carrier in our body. When blood sugar levels increase, glucose moves into cells and is quickly used up by the body's cells as energy. However, there is a limit to which the glucose can be used up because it breaks down into two molecules called FOS and GLP-1. However, these two molecules are unable to transfer themselves across the blood-brain barrier.

* Black Pepper Oil. Black pepper oil helps in two ways - it lowers blood glucose and also protects the liver from damage caused by excess glucose. Some of the other beneficial effects of essential oils for diabetes treatment are:

* Plant Derived Capsules. Research has shown that capsaicin on the skin of cayenne pepper causes an analgesic effect similar to aspirin which makes it a potential anti-inflammatory. Thus, capsaicin could be used for reducing or decreasing the swelling caused by chronic rheumatoid arthritis. * Grapefruit Oil. The essential oil of grapefruit contains catechins that act as an anti-diuretic, insulin resistance modulator and anti-inflammatory.