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Essential Oils For Detox


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Essential Oils For Detox

Enter the detox period. Most people associate detoxes with fasting and juice cleanses. But really, detoxification can also assist with a simple detox. Just use set of 4 essential oils for an aromatherapy detox bath and relish a more pleasant way to purge toxins from your body. Here's how:

Set of 4 essential oils - You can create your own mixture using essential oils as a base. This is a quick and easy way of preparing yourself for detoxification. Just follow these 4 steps to prepare yourself for detoxification. Combine the dried lavender flowers (stem) in two glass jars. Add a drop of peppermint essential oil drops and let set overnight.

Carrier Oil - If you do not have a good carrier oil to begin your detoxification with, try to find one that is great for your digestive system. It must have ingredients which are easily absorbed by your intestines, such as flax seed oil. One of the best carrier oils is hemp oil, since it provides many vitamins and minerals for your body. It has been used for hundreds of years and is still one of the best natural detoxifiers.

Soak In The Detox Bath - Drink a very large glass of very pure water during your detox bath. The water should be warm and the essential oils should be infused in it. After taking in the bath, you must not drink anything until the toxins have all left your body. You can make this a fun family activity for your kids to do and even show them the importance of staying clear of toxins! For best results, detoxifying agents such as sea salt can be placed in the bottom of the tub for added effect.

Eucalyptus And Lemongrass Essential Oil - These two essential oils are great for healing your body and for detoxification. They work very well for clearing out the nasty toxins in your bowels. One of the ways you can use eucalyptus oil for detoxification is to mix it with rosemary and put the mixture in a room divider or spray it all over the room to be effective. A nice throat rinse will also help your body get rid of any excess eucalyptus oil.

Lavender Essential Oil - This essential oil is another great way to detoxify your body and will have a soothing effect. You can make a nice lavender sachet and put it in your pillow case near your pillows at night. When you get up in the morning, take a nice hot shower and let the lavender fragrance flow through your hair. Do not worry about a headache because it is not a stimulant. A nice relaxing bath will get you ready for the day.

Myrrh Essential Oil - This essential oil is one of the more common essential oils that people use when they want to feel good. Myrrh has a very sweet fragrance and can be used as a stress reliever. It is an essential oil that should be used with care because too much of anything can be toxic so do not swallow nees unless you are trying it on a persons throat.

Essential oils for detoxification are great because they increase the antioxidant capacity of the cells in your body. Antioxidants are essential in keeping your cells healthy. When your cells are healthy, you are not as susceptible to disease because your immune system stays strong. These oils will boost the antioxidant capacity in your skin, your liver, and your eyes.

Lavender Essential Oil - This essential oil is another great one to use essential oils for detox because it is very soothing. People who suffer from headaches often use lavender as a way to alleviate their pain and stress. It is also very popular as a mosquito repellent. If you do not like the idea of using a mosquito repellent, you can just add some drops of lavender to your bath water for a mosquito repellent bath.

Licorice Essential Oil - This essential oil can be used in two ways, either by itself or in combination with other essential oils for detoxification. You can make a refreshing iced tea with licorice and enjoy a long relaxing soak. Or, you can put a few drops on a tissue and place it under your pillow for a nice sleep scent. Some people even mix licorice with orange peel for a delicious and invigorating digestive system cleanser. Both ways are very effective and provide a lot of benefits for the body.

There are many other essential oils for detoxification that you might want to try. In addition to the ones I have mentioned here, there are many others that are excellent choices to use when detoxifying. The key is to find what your body responds to and how often you want to practice detoxification. Begin by finding which essential oils you respond to best and then stick with them for a few weeks or months to see if your body gets sick of them and it starts cleansing naturally.