Essential Oils For Candle Making


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Article: Essential Oils For Candle Making

Essential Oils For Candle Making

If you're planning on making your own candles at home, it's a good idea to look into some of the different essential oils that you can use. Top 7 product review of the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Set by ArtNaturals is probably the best essential oils for candles you will find anywhere. It not only includes a full blend of premium aromatherapy essential oils, it also lets you do some DIY home projects. Some of the things you can do with the essential oils in the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Set are:

Concentrated Hot Throw: If you like the concentrated scent of some scented candles, but you don't want the concentrated scent in your candle, then you should use the concentrated hot throw version. This will give you the scent, but without the heaviness and depth that many other concentrated scents possess. This is great if you're just making small candles, or burning them for quick healing scents or aromatherapy. Because the concentrated oils are mostly undiluted, this kind of candle does not burn as long as most of the others. In fact, it only burns for about one minute.

Argan Oil: A popular choice for many people who make their own candles, argan oil can be found in many varieties, including pure and light. Its scent is somewhat more subtle than some of the other essential oils for candle making, and some people feel that its scent is a bit too light. However, many other people love it for its unique aroma. If you have an open mind, then you might be drawn to using argan oil in your candles. You'll find that it's a great way to create the rich exotic scent that Egyptian, Moroccan, or Bedouin perfumes are known for.

Avocado: Perhaps the most recognizable of the essential oils for candle making, avocado is also very popular with many people. In fact, you may have heard of it referred to as "Avocado Latin." Avocado oil is light and creamy, which makes it very easy to work with. It's also a natural solvent, which means it doesn't lose its strength when mixed with water. It's one of the best oils for candles because of its simple, natural scent, which lasts for hours.

Cedarwood: Perhaps not immediately evident from a scent description, cedarwood has a distinctive aroma that some find quite aromatic. It's considered a masculine scent, thanks in part to its distinctively woody aroma. Many men like cedarwood for their personal aroma candles and bath products, because of its alluring, woodsy scent. Other men may prefer lavender or rose.

Grapefruit: One of the sweetest of all essential oils, this scent has a long history dating back to Napoleon's time. As time has gone by, the scent of grapefruit has become more sophisticated and inviting, bringing out the romantic in many. It works well for rose, sandalwood and other more subtle scents. Some people even choose it as an essential oils to put in massage oils.

Lavender: Perhaps one of the most common essential oils used in fragrances, lavender is also a very versatile scent, which can be found in various different applications. There are many ways to use it. You can create a light floral fragrance oils by combining lavender with rosemary and rose. You can create a deeper, oriental smell by combining basil and neroli. Or, you can use it in bath products, massage creams and lotions as well as diffusers for candles.

This list highlights the fact that there are many different essential oils for candle making available. When purchasing your ingredients for your creations, make sure that you research each ingredient individually to see which plant species are used. Many companies use the same plant species for both, but that does not mean that they will produce a consistently quality essential oil. For the best results, purchase your essential oils from a reputable supplier, so that you will get the highest quality oils and materials, as well as the best fragrance oils.
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