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Essential Oils For Feminine Hygiene


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Using Essential Oils For Vaginitis

Essential oils have been used by many people for healing purposes. In fact, they have been used as medical treatment methods for hundreds of years. There are many essential oils that have proven to be useful in treating vaginal odor and yeast infections. These essential oils are often combined with carrier oils such as sweet almond oil, sweet coconut oil and tea tree oil to create a healing blend that works well.

These essential oils are excellent natural lubricants and can help prevent dryness and itching of the vaginal area. They also work as a very effective feminine hygiene product. The best way to get started using these oils as a feminine hygiene lubricant is to soak in a warm bath filled with water and Epsom salt. This will allow the Epsom salt to permeate the skin and draw out the toxins from the body. Once this is done you should apply a lubricant such as petroleum based natural moisturizer such as Vaseline or Mary Kay.

Lavender oil is one of the most common essential oils that is used to treat vaginal odor and yeast infections. It has proven to be very effective when it comes to dealing with vaginal odor. To use it you simply need to mix two drops of lavender oil with a cup of warm water and use it to wash your vagina. You should only do this once a day as excess washing can irritate the vagina and cause more irritation.

Another common oil that can be used as a natural treatment for feminine odor is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has been known to effectively help deal with bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections as well. To use it you need to add three to four drops into a warm bath and soak in for about twenty minutes. This will provide you with effective relief from vaginal discomfort, itchiness and burning. To use the tea tree essential oil you simply add a few drops to a warm bath and sit in the bath for about twenty minutes. This will provide you with soothing relief and you can get rid of the itchy feeling by rubbing the area.

Lemon grass oil and eucalyptus oil are also excellent essential oils that you can use to help get rid of feminine odor. These essential oils have proven to work exceptionally well at treating vaginal discomfort. To use these oils you simply add a few drops of them to a warm bath and sit in the bath for about twenty minutes. This will provide you with instant relief from the itchy feeling associated with feminine odor.

All of these oils are very effective when it comes to getting rid of vaginal odor. However, there is one essential oil that is not widely used that can help you eliminate vaginal odor and that is clove oil. When using clove oil to get rid of vaginal odor you should only use a small amount. If you use a larger amount you may find that your vaginal odor returns.

This is a natural essential oil that has proven to be very effective at eliminating vaginal odor. You can use it as a douche or just use a couple of drops directly on the vaginal area to help get rid of the smell. As with any kind of odor you want to avoid douching so if you do decide to use clove oil to get rid of the odor you will want to make sure that you do not use a douche for at least four hours after application. This helps to ensure that the clove oil has time to work on the odor and kill it off.

If you are experiencing an itchy vaginal odor then you know that essential oils can help you. Using essential oils to treat vaginal odor will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you suffer from chronic vaginal odor then you may want to consider essential oils as a great way to get rid of your odor and keep it down for good.