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Essential Oils For Energy


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Essential Oils For Energy

There are numerous essential oils for energy out there for various uses. In this article, however, will cover just the top 25 best essential oils for energy, plus much more information on how to use them. You can feel confident that your needs as an individual are being met with these essential oils. Each of the essential oils mentioned here provides a different method of using the oil. They have unique properties, and are used in a wide variety of ways to maximize their effectiveness.

Lavender: Lavender is an excellent essential oils for stress relief. Its fragrant oil is loaded with vitamins, which helps keep low energy levels at bay. You can apply it topically, or diffuse it into massage oil and apply it to your muscles. It can also be diffused or added to bath water to relax sore muscles.

Tea Tree: A pine essential oil, tea tree gives a welcoming uplifting boost to both the mind and body. If you have a stressful day, try using tea tree oil with a warm compress or add some to a warm bath to soothe aching muscles. It can be added to your favorite cooking recipe to get a delectable aroma that leaves the taste absolutely delicious.

Peppermint: Most essential oils for energy are produced with a specific ratio of essential oil to carrier oil. Peppermint creates a pungent aroma that works well for uplifting. Inhalers are easy to find. Many supermarkets have on offer inhalers for just this purpose. Simply follow the inhaler instructions to get a wonderful aroma that energizes. If you have a headache, peppermint can give you a quick hit of relief.

Bergamot: Bergamot is a very subtle scent that offers a hint of citrus. It's perfect partner to rosemary for a refreshing scent. If you're feeling under the weather, bergamot is a great way to feel better and energized. Add to warm baths or spray in a diffuser for a fresh scent anytime. For added benefits you can also boil your bergamot in water to make your own home-made energy drink.

Lavender: For a better energy level and a good sleep, lavender is an essential oil to use. When you are stressed, the Lavender oil helps to soothe your nerves and ease your tension. Stress can also affect your sleep, so lavender also acts as a natural sleeping aid. If you struggle to get a good night's sleep, using essential oils for energy and stress relief may help you sleep better at night. For added benefits, boil your lavender in water for a great tea time scent.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit has a sweet aroma, making it one of the best essential oils for stress relief. For a refreshing bathtime scent, use grapefruit after you have used essential oils for anxiety relief and before bed. For a great summer scent, add grapefruit to your bath with a carrier oil like jojoba. You can even create your own refreshing bath bomb with essential oils for anxiety and stress relief using grapefruit and orange scented carrier oils.

One of the scents that are gaining popularity due to their anti-stress and anti-viral properties is the scent of orange. This essential oil helps to reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and soothe skin. If you suffer from migraines, you can rub this oil on your scalp. There are so many health benefits to using orange essential oils for energy, including but not limited to: invigoration, circulation, weight loss, natural immune system support, anti-inflammatory relief, and more.

Lavender: The combination of lavender and bergamot creates a wonderful scent that you love. Use essential oils in your recipes or use them as an essential oil in vapor rubs and bathwater. The combination of lavender and bergamot creates a wonderful scent that you love. If you are having a bad day, use a blend of lavender and bergamot in a vaporizer or bottle spray. For a great invigorating scent, use pure lavender blended with orange and spice blends for a good sleep experience.

Neroli: This amazing orange essential oil helps to relax and soothe your senses. Neroli is great for creating romantic settings, including in your baths and in your bedroom. Use a drops of Neroli in your laundry room at night, in the shower before bed, or even on your body to invigorate and energize your body for a great way to feel better at night. Other great things to do with drops of Neroli in the shower include adding a splash of rose petal scent for a feminine touch in the shower and adding eucalyptus and grapefruit drops to make a great smelling oil to take along for a picnic on the beach later in the day. It makes a fun, fresh, and unique essential oil energy crash later on!

Basil: This amazing essential oils will help to naturally boost your mood. Basil is often used in combination with mint to create a delicious scent to soothe stress, tension, and worries. Basil is especially useful to mix into your bathwater to take a de-stressing shower before bedtime. Use drops of basil in your recipes, or add them to your favorite recipes to boost the taste, aroma, and flavor.