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Essential Oils For Ear Pain


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Essential Oils For Ear Pain

In order for our ears to work properly, the circulation in the area must be good. One of the most important essential oils for ear pain is basil. It can be used either as an essential oil or with the other essential oils mentioned below. Basil has several properties which make it beneficial for various problems and infections in the ears.

Essential oils are concentrated plant fragrances that have been proven to have many healthful benefits. Many essential oils are also found in foods, many of which you probably don't even realize are there. Essential oils are different than perfumes. Perfumes are designed to give your body a scent while essential oils are meant to provide a soothing effect. Essential oils are very concentrated, so they must be diluted before applying to a skin area or inserted into your ears in order for them to provide effective relief.

Using Essential Oils For Ear Pain: If you have an infection in your ear, you can apply one of the following oils to help relieve the pain. The first is Basil. It is very effective at fighting bacteria because it contains the antibacterial chemical Clove. This makes it a great choice when you are looking for a natural treatment to treat a mild to medium infection. You can make a cup of basil tea and put a few drops into your bath water for instant relief.

The next oil is Neroli. It is known for its pain relieving qualities, and it is also effective at treating inflammation. You can try mixing two drops of Neroli oil with lemon juice and soaking your head in the solution for up to thirty minutes every night. This is a great treatment if you have a lot of pain, swelling, or inflammation.

A popular essential oils for the treatment of earaches is Lavender. This oil has been used for hundreds of years as a way to soothe pain and inflammation, as well as treating depression. If you are using Lavender for your young living distributor, be sure that he or she uses pure lavender oil. Any synthetic ingredients can cause negative side effects.

Garlic oil is yet another essential oils that you might be interested in using for your child. There are several benefits of using garlic oil, including the treatment of colds and infections. Garlic can be used topically as well as orally. When it is consumed it works as an antibiotic, but it can also be applied directly to the source of the infection. For example, if your child is suffering from a yeast infection, you can wash their bottom with fresh garlic oil and then apply it to the source of the infection.

Regardless of whether or not your young living distributor chooses to use essential oils to provide relief, it is important to make sure that you do not provide any unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs. When essential oils relieve pain or treat conditions like colds and infections, it does not mean that the child will develop a habit of taking them for granted. Instead of giving your child prescription drugs, be sure to explain why they are not needed. Also, be sure to let your child know that the treatment does not need to be continued for months or even years. Once the discomfort from the initial treatment of the infection is gone, it can be time to find another treatment to help with the discomfort.

Before you start applying these treatments, be sure to use a cotton ball so that the oil will be absorbed completely. Use a double cotton ball so that one ball will cover the entire area. If a child has an ear infection, this should be done twice a day until the pain is gone. To be safe, it is recommended that you leave the oil on overnight. This is better for children than adults, because the skin of an infant is still very fragile.