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Essential Oils For Dog Ear Infection


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Dog Ear InfectionsΒ  Can Be Treated Using Essential Oils

Rather than using other natural remedies, why not try Coconut Oil For Dog Ear Infections? Many dogs suffer from ear mites. Ear yeast infections are common at times for indoor dogs. It can happen at any time in their life.

All breeds have this inclination and there are breeds that are more prone to it than others. There is no one breed that is completely immune to a dry nose and ear infection. If you have a dog that has this inclination, there is an easier way to treat the problem. One of the easiest ways to treat the problem is to treat the symptom with the same natural remedy that would have been used to treat the condition.

If your dog has frequent ear mites, he will likely have a discharge or bad smell coming from the nose. It might also be a little bit greasy. If you notice this, you can use the same Coconut oil for dog ear infection treatment that you would for his regular yeast infection. All you need to do is mix two drops of it with a small amount of warm distilled water and spray it on the discharge. Let it stand overnight and then wash it off.

The next time he has a nose, you can put some Coconut oil for dogs on the infected ears. This should kill the bacteria that are causing the infection. It is better to clean the cotton pad with the warm water and distilled vinegar after every use of the cotton. Do not reuse the cotton after washing it.

To apply the Coconut oil for dogs remedy, first you will need to get the oil. You can either buy the unsweetened kind or make one yourself by combining ripe fresh coconuts and the juice of half a lime per pound of body weight of your furry friend. You can make the remedy in advance and store it in a bottle in the fridge.

To clean the ears, use a sterile cotton ball dipped into the solution. Gently wipe away any discharge that comes out. Then carefully clean the outer ear canal and the inner ear canal. Wipe it dry with another clean cotton ball. Do not use any alcohol-based solutions or cotton swabs as these might irritate the ear canal and cause more damage to the dog's ears. Once you are done, gently pat it to remove excess drool or discharge.

Since most ear infections start with bacteria, applying Coconut oil for dogs will prevent any more build up of bacteria. Ear mites in dogs are caused by a buildup of dust, dead skin cells, hair and other debris. This debris clogs the dog's ear canal and allows bacterial growth. You can help by keeping the ears clear of this debris.

If your dog does get an ear infection, the best course of action is to see your veterinarian. The vet can give your dog an antibiotic ointment or prescribe something else for your dog. You should not attempt to treat your dog on your own. Your veterinarian knows best.

However, there are a few things you can try at home to relieve ear mites in dogs that are caused by ear mites. One of these things is coconut oil for dogs. Coconut oil is good for preventing bacterial infections and reducing ear mites in dogs. The reason for this is that it contains a natural compound called hyaluronan which works to naturally fight bacteria. There are many brands of dog coconut oil on the market so finding one that your dog prefers will not be difficult.

Another one of the natural remedies we will discuss is witch hazel for dogs. Like coconut oil for dogs, witch hazel for dogs can also be applied to the ears and can help to reduce the inflammation and discomfort caused by an ear infection. You should not give your dog the amount of witch hazel that you would give yourself. Instead, you should buy an unsweetened smelling product that you can put in the dogs water bowl. The scent of the witch hazel will draw the bad smell out of the infection.

If you want to relieve the pain from dog ear infections you may want to consider giving your dog an occasional dose of Perique. Perique is an essential oil that is derived from dried flowers of a tree native to the Andes Mountains. This oil has proven properties similar to those found in essential oils and has been used for hundreds of years as an effective treatment for dry nose and other allergies.

As an alternative to buying a bottle of Perique, you can also make your own Perique spray. You will need to gather some fresh peppermint leaves and dried thyme leaves and then boil these two herbs until the leaves are very aromatic. You can then add a small amount of pure oil (Vitamin E) to the mixture and heat it up. Then you can spray the mixture on the dogs dry face and ears and you will be well on your way to soothing the infection away.