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Essential Oils For Cold


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Using Essential Oils For Cold and Headache Relief

Using essential oils for cold and flu relief naturally is a powerful and very effective, holistic approach to alleviating your symptoms and a fantastic method for ridding yourself of the common cold and flu virus. The key to using these natural remedies successfully is to understand how they work so that you can put their effect to good use yourself. Moreover, by removing the common cold and flu virus from your home, workplace and car you can also be strengthened by an overall natural boost, and by avoiding future viruses from circulating in your personal environment. Therefore, it is not just about preventing cold and flu symptoms but also about making your life easier, more comfortable and less stressful. Read on to learn more.

The best way to relieve those all too common flu symptoms is to make full use of essential oils for cold and flu relief and get rid of your cold and flu virus for good. One of the key benefits of using essential oils for this purpose is that they have proven to be extremely effective at treating and dealing with all manner of bodily aches and pains, including headaches, migraines, joint pain, chronic inflammation and a whole host of other ailments and illnesses. The best way to do this is by using them topically on your skin. Essential oils such as peppermint and chamomile are particularly effective in providing a deep healing and relaxing massage which can help to ease the body into a calm, stress free state. You can also make simple tea out of fresh peppermint leaves and enjoy a delicious hot cup of tea to relax and energise yourself before you tackle your next round of exercise or task.

Essential oils for cold and flu treatment can also be used in combination with tea tree oil and vitamin E oil to treat athletes foot and athlete's foot fungus. Simply mix together a tablespoon of peppermint essential oil, a quarter glass of water and two teaspoons of rosemary essential oil and then rub this mixture around the affected foot. You may find that by using essential oils for this purpose, your feet feel much better and you will soon notice a difference in how your feet feel. As well as using essential oils for this purpose you can also apply a topical cream made from aloe vera, olive oil or coconut oil to the affected area.

A great combination you can make is to make a thick eucalyptus paste, add some rosemary essential oils, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and mix together. This essential oil blend when applied to the feet will help to soothe and nourish the skin, especially the skin around the heel and ball of the foot. If possible, try to obtain a pure eucalyptus blend. In general eucalyptus oil loses its strength and fragrance over time and is rather easily wasted. However, there are many quality essential oils available which retain their strength and fragrance.

Frankincense essential oils can also be used topically on the cold to help alleviate any muscle pain. Frankincense aids in relaxing tight muscles and reducing inflammation which is often associated with colds and the flu. If using it for this purpose make sure you have Frankincense mixed with tea tree oil and not with lavender oil which is not as effective. Add three drops of frankincense and four drops of tea tree oil to a warm bath and sit in the bath for ten minutes.

Lavender essential oils blended with Peppermint essential oil form a wonderful combination when treating your cold symptoms. Take a few drops of the peppermint blend and mix them with two drops of the lavender blend. This will create a delightful aroma and will help to soothe your sore muscles. If you have sore muscles due to the flu, combine this blend with Echinacea and Goldenseal as these three oils have excellent warming properties. Allow the oils to stay in the carrier oil for at least twenty minutes prior to using them.

Essential oils are an excellent treatment when added to warm baths or steam inhalation for migraine relief and for headache relief. Combine one tablespoon of each of Frankincense, Neroli, sandalwood and rosemary essential oils in a ceramic bowl and add several drops of hot boiled water to the mixture. Gently swirl the mixture to combine the aromatic oils. Next add one tablespoon of sweet almond oil to the mixture and gently massage into your scalp. Let this oil soak into your scalp and work its way through your hair relieving the tension that has built up causing your headaches.

Myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, cypress and marjoram essential oils are excellent for helping to relieve nausea and vomiting. To use for nausea, mix about four drops of each of these herbs in equal parts and spray on the stomach, the linings of the digestive tract and the inside of the mouth. For vomiting, mix about two drops of each of thyme, ginger, mint and rosemary oils into small pellets and sprinkle on a small amount of table sugar. Then take a large pinch of each herb and give yourself a quick spasming to get the herbs in and around your system. When you feel better, remove the oils and enjoy your pain relief.