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Essential Oils For Cold Sore


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Using Essential Oils For Cold Sore Treatment

Best essential oils for cold sores. This is probably the best cold sore treatment to use. If you have never tried using essential oils before, you may be surprised at how easy they are to apply to your skin. Essential oils can be used as topically applied treatments, or they can be used as remedies in gels, lotions, and creams. To treat cold sores, combine five popular essential oils and make a soothing oil mixture. Make sure that the essential oils are blended well and that there are no gaps in the formula.

Geranium Essential Oil - This is one of my favorite essential oils to use on cold sores because of its pungent scent. Its citrusy scent makes it very pleasant to breathe. Geranium is a perfect choice for applying directly to the sore. Geranium essential oils are especially effective when used with vitamin E oil or linoleic acid oil. Be careful not to get the oil on your clothes or in the air because it is quite strong.

Lemon Balm Essential Oil - This essential oil is great for treating and soothing cold sores, rashes, sunburns and other irritations. Lemon balm essential oils are also excellent to use for oral care. It can be applied topically to the affected area. To use lemon balm essential oil, mix one tablespoon of lemon balm with one half glass of water. Use this solution as an ointment or oil to apply to sore areas.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - This oil can be used for both painful and soothing symptoms associated with cold sores. Tea tree essential oils provide some relief from the discomfort associated with itching and burning. To use tea tree oil, mix a few drops with warm water. Apply this to the sore and allow it to stand for a few minutes to provide soothing relief.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - This oil has a strong odor which is produced from the leaves of eucalyptus tree. This essential oils have been known to increase healing of painful and infected skin caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. For this reason, it is used for healing cuts and scrapes as well as cold sores and other wounds. This carrier oil can be diluted with carrier oil to use as a lip balm or added to bath water to freshen the taste.

These are just some of the many essential oils that you can use for home remedies for cold sores and other conditions. These oils are readily available at any health food store and many supermarkets. The important thing is that you need to know how to use them safely. Remember to dilute the essential oils before using them on your skin.

There are other essential oils that have been proven to treat sores and help strengthen your immune system. In fact, there are many home remedies for cold sores that include ingredients such as tea tree oil, neem tree oil and rosemary oil. There are other oils like grapefruit seed extract and lavender oil which can also help strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to viruses and bacteria. These oils can be mixed together in a blend to create a natural paste that can be applied to blisters and relieve pain.

Applying these types of oils to your cold sores can be beneficial, but do not forget to drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated. Also, when choosing a home remedy essential oil, look for one that is made specifically for herpes virus treatment. The oils should be organic and found in a plant that is not affected by the herpes virus. It is important to remember that when you are treating a cold sore, do not leave any open cuts or wounds. These will allow the herpes virus to continue to move around the area and infect other areas of your body.