Best Pre Workout With & Without Creatine – February, 2021 Reviews & Top Picks

Pre-workout supplements vary as much in their composition as they do in their labels. There are vast options for pre-workout protein, most of them intent on increasing performance, burning fat, and improving focus. 

With combinations of vitamins as well as energy-boosters such as caffeine, not every option is a one-size-fits-all product. Deciding which level of intensity you’ll need and which aspect you’re looking to hone in on for your workout routine will help you decide which one to add to your diet.

This article will focus on helping you to understand the various pre-workout options and the ingredients in them. After having a better understanding of what supplements do to the human body, you’ll be better equipped to decide if it’s a good option for you, and highlight which one will get you the results you are after.

Things you should know:

Pre-workouts can often include copious amounts of caffeine. The recommended daily dose of caffeine is 300-400mg. Not all people react as well to caffeine as others. Making sure you know how much caffeine your body can handle a day is essential to pick the right formula.

Sports nutrition is aimed at helping bodybuilders, athletes, or just people who want to get in shape understand what their body needs to achieve the desired result. Pre-workout is packed with a combination of B vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes to nourish the body during strenuous activity.

Vitamin B helps the body convert food to glucose, which provides energy. It is a vitamin commonly found in proteins such as meat, eggs, and dairy. It also helps to produce red blood cells, providing the body continued strength and stamina during activity.

Amino acids complete some roles in the human body, especially in regards to exercise. Making sure they are replenished by the body ensures that there can be continued supply of protein which results in energy for your workout.

All pre-workouts come with the risk of over-stimulation or dehydration. Make sure that no matter which one you add to your diet, you continue to drink lots of water.

Since there is so much that goes into each type of pre-workout, we’ve compiled a list that will help you make an informed decision on exactly which one your body will need.

Best Pre Workout With & Without Creatine

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Vintage Blast

This slow releasing formula is one that boasts of being non-habit forming and sticks with you throughout your workout. The primary key to this composition is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is present and necessary in your body to regulate and stimulate blood flow.

This helps in your workout to avoid losing stamina or cramping up. With blood getting the chance to flow freely and uninhibited to all the muscles it needs to, you’ll spend more time sweating and less time sore!

The thing about nitric oxide is that it is naturally found in your body. The more you work out, the more your body will create. Having a supplement will help boost you during the workout, but it may not be exactly what your body needs to achieve your results.

Overall, this formula is natural, gluten-free, and vegetarian. It takes the guesswork out of choosing a supplement with no additives, made in the USA. Buying something that is meant to have this much power of your body is a much more comfortable decision with a brand that offers transparency and inspires trust. The makers of Vintage Blast ensure both. 

Pros and Cons

  • Made in the USA with zero additives
  • A steady release of muscle-building energy vs. a temporary rush
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Could last too long, leaving you restless in the evenings when you want to rest



Essential Amino Energy

This product could be a good one for someone just looking for a little pick me up for someone who is looking to put on a lot of mass. Because it is a scoop-friendly mix, it allows you to control just how much caffeine you need for your activity level. Since aminos are necessary for every diet, this could be a good supplement for someone just looking to keep looking and feeling great.

It’s labeled as a pre-workout but can also be used just as a supplement for added energy; think a replacement for your morning coffee. The flavoring makes it a good option for those who are squeamish about the often chalky taste of protein powders. Also, with 5-10 grams of calories per serving, it’s easy to stay on track of weight-loss goals without overpacking on empty calories.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides concentrated energy from natural sources, such as green tea and coffee
  • Low-calorie option for those being mindful of daily intake
  • Comes in a variety of flavors for your specific taste
  • Can easily over-indulge in caffeine masked by fruit flavor
  • Dyes and additives

Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse is another USA-made, natural workout supplement. Without creatine, it boasts of including nitric oxide, helping you improve lean muscle mass.

Amino acids are necessary to the body’s protein supply. Citrulline Malate is the amino acid used in Legion Pulse. It’s found naturally in the body, so the intake of it through supplements will help push through the usual side-effects of workouts. It’s intended to help flush out some byproducts of a massive exercise that would usually leave you tired and fatigued, giving you the boost to keep pumping without any side effects.

The label shares the name “anhydrous caffeine,” which merely means it’s powdered caffeine, nondescript of whether it came from coffee bean or tea leaves. The typical side effects of caffeine can still occur.

Overall, this one seems worth the extra money considering it is natural, made in the USA, and they will give you your money back should you be dissatisfied. It can be a good option for both women and men looking to build long lean muscle, and the five flavor options are helpful in implementing them into your diet.

Pros and Cons

  • No artificial additives
  • Money back guarantee
  • Made and manufactured in the USA
  • Vague supply of caffeine
  • Pricier than many other supplements

Alpha Gx7

Here is another supplement providing citrulline and beta alanine – both intended to increase energy and endurance. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning your body makes it but doesn’t need it. Adding it to your pre-workout routine through Alpha Gx7 is what gives you that extra boost.

 This supplement is highly targeted to increase energy. With 250mg of caffeine per serving and the amino acids that are meant to get your blood pumping literally, it may not be the best option for people who are prone to experience jitters.

This formula also comes in a variety of flavors, but they’re not guaranteed to be free of artificial additives. For those who are looking to get some seriously boosted performance with weight resistance and muscle-building, this could be a good one to choose.

Pros and Cons

  • Energy enhancing muscle building
  • The USA made
  • Not all natural; some ingredients are lab-made

BSN Endorush

This flavored supplement is one that can guarantee the most bang for your buck. Endorush packs in 300mg of caffeine from both anhydrous caffeine and green tea and coffee, depending on your batch. It’s one of the most affordable options made in the USA.

Creatine is also found in this compound from two sources: creatine monohydrate (3g) and creatine nitrate (1g). For bodybuilding purposes, this is a hugely popular and proven source of energy. For weight-loss goals, this is not the ideal supplement. Creatine will help draw water into your muscles, giving you the strength to add reps and gain mass. It’s not recommended for building lean muscle.

Pros and Cons

  • The cheaper option for bodybuilding
  • Low calorie and low carbohydrate
  • Includes artificial flavors
  • Not ideal for weight loss

Cellulocor C4 Ripped

The main component of C4 Ripped that makes it a worthwhile supplement option is beta-alanine. This amino acid is said to be able to add stamina for extra reps in weightlifting, and especially can improve performance in high-energy cardio. This is an excellent option for those looking to lose weight and tone up.

This formula is creatine-free, which can aid in keeping you hydrated and says a lot about how it can increase cardio-endurance. This formula includes the natural coffee extract as its caffeine component, but what sets it apart is the forskohlii root extract.

This root is used as a supplement for the treatment of asthma, high blood pressure and has been applied to accompany weight-loss. It works in the body by widening the blood vessels, allowing for the steady flow of blood to tissues. This root is often even supplied to heart-failure patients through IV.

As one of the few creatine-free products of this brand, it could be an excellent option for weight-loss, but not as much for bulking.

Pros and Cons

  • Help cut fat, focused on preserving lean muscle
  • Five flavor options to enjoy
  • Creatine-free
  • Helps cut fat, not gain mass
  • Can cause a tingling sensation


Though this product was tested in an FDA-approved lab, it is not FDA approved. Very few pre-workout supplements are. However, it is one that promises zero additives for color or taste. This is a pro for your body, a con for your mouth. It won’t taste good on its own but can be mixed with something to enhance the flavor.

This formula also alludes to being the cleanest formula on the market. It will help to boost your necessary nitric oxides for a more sustained workout. With half of the daily-recommended caffeine content, it can help for those of you who can be more sensitive to too much caffeine intake. Its caffeine comes specifically from green tea leaf as opposed to many supplements which combine tea with coffee or a more robust jolt.

For women looking for weight management, this may be one of the top contenders. Nitric Oxide boosters are an excellent accelerator of lean muscle mass. This low-cal formula will help contribute to a long-lean physique. Make sure you can stomach the taste!

Pros and Cons

  • Certified Paleo and Vegan
  • Zero color or chemical additives
  • Unsweetened formula means you won’t be masking the powdery taste
  • May cause temporary pins and needles

RARI Infinity

Rari infinity is a great option for several types of athletes. It as 220 mg of caffeine to get you going and avoid jitters. With beta alanine and citrulline, you’ll get enough nutrients and energy to your muscles whether you’re doing intense cardio or doing the strenuous lifting.

 It’s made in the USA and offers a money-back guarantee should you not find it the right supplement for you. At an affordable price, it could be a good option if you’re getting into pre-workout supplements.

It is sweetened with stevia and beet powder so that you won’t get grossed entirely out on your first swig. Choose between strawberry lemonade and blue raspberry for your first taste of energy supplements or a cool down from too much creatine.

Though it can help build some mass, it seems to be more catered for weight loss and maintenance than extreme bodybuilding. This makes it an excellent option for women who don’t want to get too excited about the gym but want to look great when bikini season rolls in.

Pros and Cons

  • Vegan and 100% natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Mild and fast acting ingredients make it better for weight loss than intense muscle building

Final Thoughts

When appropriately used, supplements can add a significant impact on your athletic abilities. Among all the scientific words that go into a protein label, there are vital things that you can look for.

Decide which supplements you can use in your workout, and you can cut out what you don’t. Someone looking to bulk up is going to be blending something entirely different in their body than someone looking to slim down.

Be patient, do your homework, and you’ll be able to pinpoint which aminos and elements should be in the bottle of protein powder that you decide to use.