Best Pre Workout for Women – October, 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide

There are many reasons why women should have their own pre-workout formulas, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all. Women’s bodies have a particular biology, and when supplements are added to the mix that needs to be taken into account.

Though several pre-workouts works for both, it’s good to know there are some that are specially formulated for the female body and all of its intricate hormones. You’ll see very similar ingredients in all of the formulas to those who are meant for any healthy adult. Some might have a little extra pizzazz for ladies looking to tone down or shape up.

Even formulas that are one-size-fits-most will have some drawbacks. We’ll do our best to show you what they are. We’ve poured over these pre-gym powders to find the ones that will be tailor made for any lady who wants to get in touch with the strength of her body.


Best Pre Workout for Women

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NitroSurge Shred

This pre-workout fat burner is another great blend of real, weight-loss supplements without the artificial fillers or additives. Along with giving you clean energy and sharp focus, it is created with the intent to boost metabolism and have you losing more weight, faster.

This formula is best for weight-lifting, as opposed to cardio. It aims to boost nitric oxide levels to promote a more full and powerful lifting session while reducing fatigue. Though it doesn’t have any artificial flavor, it still guarantees the taste is one that you'll be pleased with.

The label is as simple to digest as the powder. Each of its ingredients provides a particular goal for its use. Beta-alanine increases strength while Acetyl L-carnitine release fat-stores for fat burning. You’ll also get Bioperine to maximize absorption of these beneficial ingredients.

Pros and Cons

  • Very straight-forward list of ingredients without any fillers
  • Money back guarantee
  • A pricier alternative to some other protein powders

FitFarm Clean + Lean Workout Catalyst

Finally, we arrive at FitFarm’s ultra-clean workout catalyst. It uses all natural ingredients so you won’t have to worry about putting any waste in your body when you’re looking to rid yourself of anything extra.

It’s rich with antioxidant and makes use of BCAAs for performance and recovery. This formula is one that’s specially made for women no matter which activity you prefer. It is useful in burning calories and boosting metabolism for lean muscle, whether your workout of choice is lifting or cardio.

Its flavoring comes from the antioxidant-rich family of berries such as acai, blueberry, raspberry, and pomegranate. You can count on getting sustained clean energy without any of the artificial flavorings to mask the task of it.

Pros and Cons

  • Vegan, non-GMO
  • A highly rated choice on Amazon
  • Higher price bracket

Stimul8 Ultimate Super Pre workout

Stimul8 offers a pretty straight-forward formula as a pre-workout for women. It’s got some calcium, some potassium, and the rest is their “Endurance + Ripping Matrix.”

This formula uses root extract from rauwolfia, used for its ability to provide relief of hypertension. With lower blood pressure, you’ll be able to keep steady in your workout and get the most benefits from the other ingredients in the mix.

The endurance formula uses a lot of caffeine, both from their own “IrisinXD” compound and green tea extract. This could energize you, but it could also give you the jitters.

Pros and Cons

  • Uses its own formula for endurance and muscle-building
  • Contains a lot of caffeine

Sheer Strength Pre-Workout for Women

This Sheer Strength formula is created specifically with women in mind. It blends a select assortment of amino acids ideal for optimizing your bodily functions to better your workout. It also packs a nice punch of B Vitamin from niacin.

The amino blend is formulated to help keep the blood flowing to all the right muscles through your workouts. The magic happens through L-carnitine. This amino acid work to use fat as fuel. This means you’ll be burning fat, trimming down, and building muscle.

While the formula doesn’t have any binders or fillers, it does use a little bit of yellow dye. It comes in pina colada flavor so that you won’t be subject to the great chalky taste of a lot of other pre-workout formulas. Enjoy your drink and enjoy your results!

Pros and Cons

  • Increases energy post-workout, so you don’t experience a crash
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Dairy, soy, gluten-free
  • Contains yellow dye and some artificial flavoring

FitMiss Ignite

There’s nothing worse than trying to stave off the mental inability to go to the gym. FitMiss Ignite formula aims to give you the motivation you want and need to get going. It uses caffeine blend from instead of coloring. It uses beetroot extract which is most likely the source of coloration in this formula.

The active ingredient here that will activate your motivation is beta-alanine. It’s used in most of the good pre-workouts. It aids in the increase of muscle mass, boosts anaerobic muscle strength, and allows for an increase in capacity to power through.

Overall regarding ingredients, FitMiss is a perfect blend of the right stuff without the fillers. Be careful if you’re sensitive to caffeine, but otherwise, it is an excellent start to your workout – or to your introduction to pre-workout.

Pros and Cons

  • No artificial coloring
  • 30-day full money back guarantee
  • Some artificial flavoring

Nutricost Pre-workout for Women

Nutricost is a cost-efficient alternative to many pre-workouts and still includes a plethora of nutrients. It uses niacin like many of them because of its ability to boost brain power and keep you concentrated on the task at hand.

There are several amino acids and vitamins, but what is a new ingredient that we haven’t seen yet is BioPerine. This is a beneficial ingredient drawn from black pepper in a pre-workout powder because it helps to absorb a lot of the nutrients you’re ingesting. Faster absorption means more results for your workout.

There are slight artificial coloring and dyes. The majority of this blend is vitamins. There are a lot more vitamins than amino acids that you’ll find in some other formulas. These all work harmoniously to get you feeling strengthened, energized, and alert for your workout.

Pros and Cons

  • Has a sophisticated blend of non-essential amino acids for a
  • Some artificial flavoring and dyes

Chuck Diesel’s Diesel Diva Preworkout

Chuck Diesel made his formula specifically for women. This pink jug is vegan, includes no artificial flavors, and uses the power of BCAAs to kickstart your workout.

BCAA, or Branched Chain Amino Acids, are non-essential amino acids that are used across the board for athletes looking to tone up. Diesel Diva uses this trinity of aminos (L-leucine, L-isolene, L-valine) along with essential vitamins to keep you on track.

His proprietary blend is a combination of power-providing herbs to give you natural energy and endurance.

This formula indeed avoids artificial flavoring or coloring. It uses beet, pineapple and other fruit and vegetable powders to color and flavor the method.

Pros and Cons

  • Guides you to how much of the mix you may need depending on your usual caffeine intake
  • Creatine free
  • Vegan
  • Undisclosed source of caffeine

NLA for Her Uplift Pre-workout

Uplift is formulated to give you a “mentality makeover.” This woman-specific formula finds the sweet spot for caffeine, so you have the energy to get to work but aren’t overstimulated with jitters.

One scoop is packed with vitamins to keep your body happy and healthy, and amino acids for endurance and strength. The formula uses beta-alanine for strength and building lean muscle mass. It also has the wonder amino-acid L-carnitine that burns fat for energy.

It’s not immediately clear where the caffeine comes from. Many formulas use green tea, coffee, or both and that could be the case for this formula as well. It merely provides that it uses anhydrous (or dried) caffeine. It isn’t as significant of a component as some of the more useful amino acids, so it’s very unlikely you’ll experience the dreaded jitters.

It comes in three flavors and could be the boost you need for your workout and your rest period! It’s worth a try for any woman looking for increased lean muscle mass.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes in 3 flavors for your consuming pleasure
  • Specially formulated to give women the right amount of energy without getting jitters
  • Not safe for people with allergies to soy, nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, shellfish and other things

IdealLean BCAAs for Women

IdealLean is targeted for women looking to improve their lean muscle mass. It uses 5 grams of the powerful BCAAs to help lean and lengthen while promoting mental focus and energy.

BCAAs also help to improve recovery time, allowing for you to be able to keep the pace up on your workout for days after the first intense round.

It has some artificial dyes in it, but it does use many natural ingredients for performance. Coconut powder is the main component in this formula for improving hydration.

It’s a zero-calorie, zero-fat formula that is intended just for women. You can feel confident that this blend, however pricier than most, will provide the right method for you to reach your weight loss goals and bikini body.

Pros and Cons

  • Uses BCAAs for energy
  • More expensive and includes some artificial dyes
  • Avoid if you have an allergy to coconut

Performix Ion Glow

Ion Glow is another female-oriented pre-workout with a slew of beneficial properties. It uses the standard, energy-enhancing ingredients like beta-alanine and creatine, to give you the jolt you need to hit the gym hard.

The huge aspect of working out is to beautify yourself, but Performix took it one step further. They’ve included a patented “beautifying matrix” with collagen to improve your skin.

This formula includes some caffeine for energy in the gym. It also uses creatine. Creatine can be a very effective muscle-building supplement. Sometimes, it can have some side effects like nausea and stomach pains. If you experience any of these symptoms using this formula, it’s probably the creatine to blame.

Pros and Cons

  • Good for your insides while working out and good for your skin
  • Time released pre-workout to keep you energized
  • Several artificial colors
  • Contains creatine, which can cause stomach pains or nausea

Final Thoughts

Women differ from men, but we still need to have the right stuff to put into our body to do a lot of very similar heavy lifting. Whether literal or figural lifting is involved in your workout, there is a preworkout out there, ideally, on this list, that will guide you to your workout goals.

We’ve done our best to provide you with the best of the bunch when it comes to increasing performance and getting the results you want. Enjoying your pre-workout is a great jumpstart to exercise, even before the chemicals start getting to work. With a little willpower and a small scoop of one of these formulas, you’ll be trimming off the excess weight and headed to the beach in no time.