Best Organic Meal Replacement Shakes – January, 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Let’s face it, shaking off that weight has never been easy. As for people with busy lifestyles, observing a properly balanced diet is probably our 99th problem. Sometimes we wonder why the nagging craving for crackers and burgers, as well as, other foods that are considered unhealthy choices is overwhelming.

It’s not that we don’t want to observe a balanced diet or we don’t love hitting the gym. Life sometimes gets so busy that we can’t find time to prepare balanced meals and attend regular gym sessions. We have less time for yoga and meditation. These are habits that are difficult to avoid and often than not, they culminate in an unhealthy lifestyle.

That’s where organic meal replacement shakes chips in to allow us to live a healthier life even when we can’t prepare whole meals because of one reason or another. These shakes contain ingredients that can substitute a healthy meal.

While these shakes may be intended to replace some meals, always make sure to check in with a licensed nutritionist or medical professional to ensure you’re observing a healthy and nutritious diet.

What Are Organic Meal Replacement Shakes?

These shakes contain a specified number of nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, fat minerals, and vitamins. If you can’t find time to prepare your nutrient-rich food, these meal replacement shakes could be ideal for you.

Well, it’s not recommended replacing every meal with a supplement. Instead, use them when you can’t prepare your balanced food. It always suffices when one is locked in a meal plan that requires accurate measurement of calorie intake. Weighing and measuring plus tallying up on your android app is just hectic.

Organic supplements are great because they contain nearly all the desired nutrients that make you feel fuller for a longer time. This helps in curbing craves that always lead you to eat snacks in-between main meals.

Do not confuse meal replacement shakes with protein shakes. The latter is packed with ingredients that promote high protein intake and low-carb diet. While it’s easy to distinguish between the two shakes by checking the ingredients, it’s difficult to know the best shake that can substitute for your regular balanced meal. Here, we’re going to review the best meal replacement shakes you can find around.

Before that, let’s highlight in brief what makes a meal replacement shake an ideal substitute for your typical healthy meal.

What Makes The Best Meal Replacement Shake?

Tons of manufacturers have populated the web with their shakes each one of them promising you an experience like no other. Shakes are chock full of fibers, calories, fats, proteins and vitamins but the quantity per serving should dictate which meal replacement supplement is nutritious.

According to WebMD, your healthy shake should contain:

  • No more than 5g of fat per serving
  • About 15g of protein per serving. This can go up to 25g for bodybuilders
  • Between 3 and 5g of fiber per serving
  • 220 calories or more per serving
  • Increased vitamins and minerals

The amount of each of the nutrients determines how balanced a replacement. Remember to check the ingredients to ensure that all of them are derived from natural foods. Everyone’s experience in using shakes differs. But there is this caveat - often than not we hop from one brand to another hoping to get the best value for my money.

Finding healthy, organic and reliable meal replacement shakes can be a challenging especially when there thousands to choose from. The best have the right quantity of nutrients and are manufactured using raw and organic plant products. Here is our list of the top 10 raw and organic meal replacement shakes.

Top 10 Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Here is comprehensive best meal replacement shakes review based on nutrient content, texture, taste and overall user experience They can replace your breakfast, lunch or dinner by providing a balance of calories and essential nutrients.

Best Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

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IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake

With only 100 calories, IdealShake has the lowest amount of calories amongst all the shakes mentioned in this list. It is therefore ideal for people targeting to lose a specified number of pounds for proper weight loss management.

This low sugar organic shake contains 11g of proteins to keep your body stronger and 5g of dietary fiber to keep you fuller for up to three hours. Its 21 vitamins and minerals do not compromise with the sweet mint chocolate taste.

The shake is also available in various flavors including mocha, strawberry, chocolate, and even salted caramel. The texture is quite gritty and you may have to mix it in unsweetened soy or almond milk to make it smooth.

Pros and Cons

  • Low-sugar content and low-fat content
  • Great for those targeted to lose weight
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals for keeping the body healthy
  • Curbs appetite effectively
  • It’s not that thick as compared to other shakes in this list
  • Low-calorie content may not be good for those who need more energy during the day

MET-Rx Original Meal Replacement

MET-Rx is a household name among many bodybuilders. If you love that extreme chocolate flavor, then this organic shake may be your next addition to your pantry. Getting the best weight loss results comes down to diet, exercise, and commitment. With 6g of BCAAs and 3g of L-Glutamine, the organic MET-RX original meal replacement will give you sufficient energy to push through the day.

Made with non-GMO ingredients, this shake has over 25 vitamins and minerals to help keep your body healthy. It has low fat and no sugars making it ideal for most of us who don’t like supplements with lots of sugars.

Through the power of the 6g of amino acids and 90% DV of calcium, you can grow lean muscles and stronger bones. You can use this as a pick-me-up supplement after workouts to help in the recovery process. You can take it with milk or water. Taking it with vanilla almond milk can also be great – it tastes better and makes me fuller for a longer time.

The downside is that it’s extremely thick and can be difficult to dilute and still get tasteful flavor. Also, it feels ‘gritty’ because of the raw minerals added to it. Nonetheless, in overall, this low carb organic shake has high-quality protein and low carbohydrate mix that would last you long until your next main meal.

Pros and Cons

  • Great for workout recovery
  • Enough proteins and calcium promote lean muscles and stronger bones
  • Can be mixed with other drinks
  • It has 25 vitamins and minerals which improves one’s health
  • Texture is ‘grainy’ but you’ll adapt to it after sometime
  • May not be suitable for those that require shakes with a low protein content

ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix Sweet Cream Flavor

It’s creamier than you can imagine and with its excellent cake mix taste, this meal replacement shake is my all-time favorite. What’s intriguing is not the taste but the 23 vitamins and minerals it contains. I recommend it to anyone who is on diet and would like a shake that can curve the appetite throughout the day.

The fiber contents are extracts from natural grains making this shake a healthier option. It has low fat and low sugar, which translates to a healthy heart. The shake is smooth and blends well with most beverages.

With Tri-Sorb protein blend, vitamins, calcium, and minerals, the ViSalus organic meal replacement gives you a wholesome choice to substitute your daily meals. The creamy flavor plus fine texture is what you’ll love most in this supplement. For better taste, try this when cold with frozen fruit juice.

Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your health in good shape
  • Tastes better than most shakes
  • Decent fiber content that makes you fuller and not bloated
  • Blends well with other beverages
  • Limited choice of flavor
  • lacks protein so it may not be ideal for those hitting the gym daily

SlimFast – Original Meal Replacement Shake Mix Powder

Like Atkins, SlimFast is undoubtedly one of the popular meal replacement shakes you can find in the market. Packed with 24 vitamins and minerals, 200 calories, 10g of proteins and 5g of fiber, this wholesome shake can curb hunger cravings for up to four hours.

Available in rich chocolate flavor, this organic shake has excellent taste. You can mix with fat-free (skim milk or unsweetened almond milk is better) milk and remember to blend it with ice to improve the taste. It keeps your appetitive down but doesn’t deprive you the necessary energy and nutrients to keep your body healthy.

SlimFast meal replacement can be ideal for anyone who desires to shake off some weight while leading a busy lifestyle. You don’t have to pop into McDonald to satiate your cravings as this shake can make you fuller until your next meal.

However, for people who love adding water to shakes, for this SlimFast organic shake, the taste may not be that be that great. The texture is also not that smooth because of the raw minerals infused in the shake.

Pros and Cons

  • Each serving has sufficient calories to suppress appetite for up to four hours
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Moderate protein content
  • Can be blended with other beverages easily
  • The texture isn't that smooth
  • You may need to mix it with other drinks to achieve your desired taste

Ensure Plus Nutrition Shake

Most of us wouldn’t have a second look at shake with lots of sugars and questionable nutritional value. With 350 calories and 13g of protein, this Ensure Plus replacement shake is an all-in-one meal that can substitute your regular breakfast.

With an appetizing chocolate flavor and 26 different types of vitamins, this organic shake is what you need to maintain a healthier diet at the time when you don’t have time to prepare a meal. The Ensure Plus shake offers an immune boost to anyone because it contains vitamin C, D, and E as well as Selenium, an antioxidant that is vital for cell growth and overall health.

Also, this chocolate flavored shake has plant-based omega-3 fatty acid ALA that helps in alleviating heart disease. Because of its nutritious value and a substantial amount of essential vitamins, this shake tends to be pricey as compared to other meal replacement supplements. 

Ensure Plus is not suitable for people with galactosemia. It contains insignificant amounts of lactose and hence it shouldn’t be a worry for people with lactose intolerance.

Pros and Cons

  • Enough calories to power you throughout the day
  • Has low sugar
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system
  • Infused with omega-3 fatty acids thus promoting a healthy heart.
  • Texture may not be as smooth as you’d like
  • Available in few flavors

Atkins Ready to Drink Protein-Rich Shake Milk Chocolate Delight

Atkins is probably the most advertised brand and for a reason, it lives up to what it promises. This low carb (2g per serving) shake is organic and is infused with handsome amounts of minerals and vitamins. The shake is designed to keep hunger at bay while providing you with the necessary calories to energize you for up to three hours.

The combination of various nutrients eliminates risk factors associated with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. If you have a penchant for in-between-meals snacks, this low sugar raw meal replacement shake is designed to suppress your appetite. It eliminates cravings enabling you to be on track on your weight loss and dietary goals.

This Atkins organic shake is an nutritional meal replacement solution as it has most of the required nutrients packed in one convenient container. The chocolate flavor is tasty and the 3g of fibers can keep your stomach full until your next meal. Sometimes, the texture may not be that smooth as compared to other shakes.

Pros and Cons

  • Sufficient calories to power you throughout the day
  • 3g of fiber suppresses hunger up to three hours
  • Contains vitamins and minerals making it a well-balanced shake
  • Feels gritty
  • Can taste bland if mixed with water

Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake

If you’re not into the HMR shake, then this vanilla flavored all-in-one Orgain organic shake is ideal because it has 255 calories per serving. It’s a raw Vanilla bean nutrition shake, with 16 grams of protein extracted from organic whey protein concentrate.

The shake effectively suppresses hunger as it contains 2g of fiber. Besides that, it bolsters your immunity and health because of the 21 vitamins and minerals as well as 10 fruits and vegetables it contains. The ingredients used in making this shake are all natural and extracted from plant extracts.

It may not be the sweetest supplement you’ve ever had but it has the correct balance of nutrients to keep you on track in between meals. The texture too is not impressive and some customers complained about Stevia (mainly because of the taste), which has since been removed from the shake.

Pros and Cons

  • All ingredients used are extracted from plants
  • Plenty amount of calories to energize your busy day
  • Contains whey protein concentrate to promote the growth of lean muscle mass
  • Has vital vitamins and minerals to improve your overall health
  • The taste can be a total turn off to fast timers
  • The texture isn’t great

Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake

This raw organic meal replacement shake is meant to help people whose sugar levels can spike high/low especially when they indulge in high-carb diet. But it can as well be great for anyone who’d like a shake with low sugar levels to maintain a healthy weight. It’s available in three flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

The shake has 15g of proteins and 180 calories giving you the necessary energy without dining on your regular meal. It contains CARBSTEADY which makes ideal for people struggling to maintain their sugar levels.

The slow-release carbohydrates added to this organic meal replacement hunger shake produces a minimal amount of blood-sugar spikes. In most cases, it is compared to oatmeal. This low-carb shake can carve your appetite for long thus eliminating unnecessary cravings.

It’s not only suitable for diabetic people who would like to manage their A1C levels in between meals, but it’s also a decent meal replacement if you want to cut off some weight. The only drawback is that you may need to take it while cold as it can be a tad bland when taken otherwise. So, if you run your tail off, day in day out, this would be a great meal replacement for you – while keeping your sugar levels manageable.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent for people with diabetes
  • Suppresses hunger for a substantial amount of time
  • Handsome amounts of proteins to keep your body strong
  • low carbs
  • Not as tasty as you’d like
  • It’s only available in three standard flavors

HMR 120 Vanilla Shake

With only 120 calories, the HMR organic meal replacement shake may be your choice if you want a low-calorie filling shake. Unlike most of the shakes mentioned above, the HMR can be mixed with water and still retain its original vanilla flavor.

The 12g of proteins and 35% DV of calcium combined with various vitamins and minerals makes HMR one of the reliable meal replacement shakes. It’s not only nutritious but it also suppresses those hunger cravings. This vanilla flavored shake is one of the few all-in-one raw shakes that can be taken as ice cream or mousse.

This gluten-free shake offers a delicious option for those who would like a low-calorie meal at an affordable price. It’s not as gritty as you’d have expected from a mineral-rich shake. Typically, most HRM shakes are taken in a 3-5-1 structure: that is 3 shakes, 5 servings of vegetables + fruits and 1 healthy meal every day.

HMR shakes tend to be expensive as they come in an HMR kit that contains instructions that must be followed to get the desired results. Most HMR shakes come in chocolate and vanilla flavors only thus limiting your options.

Pros and Cons

  • Contains calcium and proteins to maintain a lean body
  • Good amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • Can be taken with other drinks without destroying the delicious vanilla taste
  • Keeps hunger at bay for quite some time
  • Low-calorie content may not be ideal for everyone
  • You may have to follow the HMR’s dietary structure to get the best results

Garden of Life - RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement Vanilla

With this affordable raw meal replacement organic shake, you’ll get sufficient vitamins, minerals, and proteins that would energize your entire day. It contains 20g of proteins (per scoop) and 21 vitamins all packed in one balanced meal.

The flavor is decent and it differs from other shakes as it contains probiotics and enzymes that can help boost your immune system. It also has 1g of sugar and 6g of organic fiber to keep you fuller throughout the day.

Although my favorite is always the Visalus Vi-Shape shake, I think the Garden of Life organic shake is satiating because my workmate loves it so much. She boasts that it’s not ‘grainy’ like most of the bodybuilding shakes and its flavor is excellent.

Additionally, it’s not that type of meal replacement that interferes with your digestion. This raw shake is ideal for maintaining low appetite, losing weight and replacing your meal. Whether you want to use it on and off, or on a daily basis, you’ll get the desired results. It’s recommended that you use it once daily.

Because of the high percentage of minerals and vitamins added to this organic shake, the taste may sometimes be unbearable for some people. But that’s what it takes to be organic.

Pros and Cons

  • Contains enough proteins for rebuilding the body after workouts
  • Low sugar content
  • Sufficient fiber content to make you feel fuller for long
  • Has probiotics and enzymes alongside vital vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system
  • Plenty amounts of minerals make this shake unsavory
  • It can be a little bit pricey

Final Thoughts

Our infatuation for a healthier lifestyle comes at a cost – more exercise, proper diet and suppressing cravings for the delectable McDonalds. Meal replacement shakes arose to help us maintain a healthier diet while still focusing on our busy routines.

This organic meal replacement shake review is excellent for beginners as well as experienced shake users who haven’t had a satiating experience so far with the shakes they’ve used. Remember to use these shakes once in a while when you cannot manage to prepare a well-balanced diet for yourself.