Best Menopause Supplements & Vitamins – May, 2021 Reviews & Top Picks

Vitamins are used for every age, gender, size, and shape. They’re our way of getting what our body needs when our food comes up short. For women especially, there are a lot of different points in life when bodies crave different vitamins. When menopause hits, it has its cravings.

Estrogen is found in every human body, but it’s women who rely on it to guide it through different stages of life. From puberty through menopause, the hormone plays a substantial part women’s bodies and how they transform through the steps.

Menopause is the official point at which your body stops releasing eggs in the ovaries. This means that several hormones have been at play for years that no longer are. When this happens, there is a massive shift in your body.

Like puberty, menopause can come along with some extraordinarily uncomfortable side-effects. Diet, lifestyle, and medical history can play a role, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a handle on what’s going on in your body so that it feels right. Supplements can help to manage some of the less desirable effects of the new stage in life.

Best Menopause Supplements & Vitamins

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Dr. Tobias Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil

Estriol is known as the weakest of estrogen hormones. Because of its weakness, it is one of the most influential contenders in dealing with menopause. Smoky Mountain Naturals produce it; a company focused on keeping things as chemical-free as possible.

In this formula, they ensure no mess and twice the amount of estriol than competitors. If you’re beginning to hit menopause or just beginning to start out trying to battle its symptoms, cream may be a good option. Use it as a moisturizer and see if it can help reduce your symptoms. This soy-free formula is one of the least potent regarding added supplements. It merely provides the weak hormone of estriol which will (hopefully) offer you some relief.

Pros and Cons

  • Soy free, gluten free, paraben free
  • Some people may have more sensitive skin, making adding creams to their regime disturbing

Extra Strength DHEA

For those with less time to wait on herbal remedies to kick in, there’s Extra Strength DHEA. It is a much less “natural” remedy than some of its menopausal treatment counterparts. DHEA is a hormone produced in both men and women that functions as a building block for sex hormones.

 Like progesterone, it’s extracted from wild yams and soy to add to supplements. Your body creates it naturally, but when it’s taken as a supplement, it is removed chemically. Your body wouldn’t be able to translate its effects by merely eating those food sources.

This is a much faster-acting supplement and can be used much earlier than the typical menopausal supplements. It helps to restore the balance of your hormones, improving libido and metabolism which are two common casualties of menopausal symptoms.

This particular supplement has no added sugars or preservatives which does not equate it to being all natural. It can be worth a try if you need some relief. If you don’t like it, they also offer a money-back guarantee!

Pros and Cons

  • Can be used among a broader age-group (mid-twenties through menopause)
  • Naturally balances out some of the hormones that fall, the victim of stress and aging,
  • Not an herbal or natural supplement

Pure Essence Labs Transitions

This supplement is backed by author Dr. John R. Lee who finds that most, if not all, menopausal symptoms are a result of progesterone-deficiency. Progesterone comes from the adrenal glands, and it is just that that is targeted in this formula.

Instead of focusing on balancing hormones, this capsule aims to promote healthy adrenal gland functions, allowing for progesterone to flow and the menopause to ease-up.

The daily recommended intake includes Black Cohosh to ease the symptoms but has the highest content of hesperidin, found in most citrus fruits, to reduce inflammation. There are many other roots and herbs on the label, making it a good option for those looking for an herbal remedy.

This won’t directly affect your hormones, which could be a plus for many women looking to avoid any meeting with your bodies naturally productions. It is worth a try as another long-term treatment of menopause symptoms.

Pros and Cons

  • Gluten free, vegetarian
  • No soy
  • A pricier alternative

LifeSeasons Pausitivi-T

This supplement doesn’t attack your symptoms; it helps to regulate your hormones. Because it takes time to get into your body and become acquainted, it doesn’t offer fast-acting results.

Some may look at this as a good thing; it’s indeed aimed at working with your body to balance out your hormones and get you feeling better overall. This is not a good option start if you have a day ahead and need to ensure you get a good rest.

This formula also includes soy isoflavones, which are a proven source of relief but, as we mentioned, one that not all women are comfortable with taking. However, with the Black Cohosh and Wild Yam component, you can get all of the natural remedies as other tablets. If you’ve got the time and patience, this could be a good option to implement into your diet.

Pros and Cons

  • Natural herbal remedy
  • May take up to 2 months to begin showing results

Her Harmony

At half the price, Her Harmony is a much cheaper option for dealing with menopausal symptoms. It’s an all-natural and estrogen free supplement that uses things like yam, raspberry and sage extract as it’s coloring.

It uses the North American flower black cohosh as an all-natural herbal supplement for menopause that mimics the effects of estrogen. For this reason, this product doesn’t have any other estrogen added.

This product also includes soy isoflavones, a chemical that reacts similarly to estrogen. There’s no definitive answer yet to just how much soy is acceptable for women to take. Since it does act like estrogen, it can disrupt the body’s natural way of working with hormones. Some women opt-out of consuming soy for this reason. It is a personal opinion and preference, and the lack of any other additives in this option make it one that can still be considered as one of the best supplements for menopause.

Pros and Cons

  • All natural; no artificial dyes
  • Money back guarantee
  • Contains soy

Protocol for Life Balance Natural Progesterone Cream

Using cream is an excellent option for those wary of the dietary intake provided by supplements. This natural Progesterone cream can be applied to your skin as a moisturizer and have a calming effect on some menopausal symptoms.

Progesterone is naturally found in the body. The naturally occurring progesterone in the body is released by the ovaries and necessary when fertilization occurs. For women experiencing menopause, there is typically a drop in progesterone. However, adding too much back into your body can cause mood swings and tender breasts. When it’s combined with supplements and creams, it is a chemical that is extracted from yams or soy and can help to ease hot flashes, depression, and decreased sex drive. It may feel nice to use this Aloe and Sunflower oil cream, but keep an eye on your symptoms to understand if this is the correct one for your body.

Pros and Cons

  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Uses aloe vera and sunflower oil for moisture
  • Can be drawn from soy


This is a supplement that eases discomfort while still aiming to combat weight gain. Cissus quadrangularis, listed on this label as Synetrim CQ, is widely used in Asia for tackling some health issues from allergies to arthritis.

What makes it useful in the treatment of menopause is that helps to regulate your appetite. This does not make it a get-slim-quick trick, so be wary of that when taking it for that matter.

Black Cohosh is also an essential herb in this product that helps to provide relief for symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. It aids in mood swings, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness associated with this change in life. Black Cohosh is one of the most widely used herbal supplements for menopause symptom relief.

It also contains soy, which could be a useful supplement for those who are comfortable and safe taking it.

Pros and Cons

  • Gluten-free
  • Made in the USA (from imported products)
  • Contains soy

Enzymatic Therapy AM/PM

This is a product aimed at attaching symptoms you have at each stage of your day. While the AM formula could help fight feelings of sleepiness or mood swings, the evening formula takes over for hot flashes and insomnia.

It has the black cohosh, to combat some of the most frustrating menopausal symptoms, and green tea leaf extract intended to give you a little extra boost of energy.

There are no artificial colors or dyes in this formula, just carrot and paprika extract for color. The PM version does include some soy, but its main ingredients are more focused on other herbs and roots for relief. This could be an excellent option for those who are unsure exactly which of their symptoms are the ones that most need to be addressed.

Pros and Cons

  • Dual capsules for each part of your day
  • One capsule may not address all of your needs

Natrol Complete Balance AM/PM

Natrol Complete doesn’t just hit the significant menopausal symptoms; it works with your body to get you a bunch of nutrients you need to stay healthy.
 It provides vitamin B, folic acid, and calcium in its AM formula, aimed at giving you stamina and energy for the day.

Both the AM and PM formula include soy isoflavones.

It’s important to know that soy seems to be the main component in how this particular formula works. The daytime recipe is more of soy, black cohosh, and vitamin compound, whereas the evening formula is just melatonin and soy. It’s an effortless composition that almost seems like a no-brainer when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It all depends if you are comfortable with your intake of soy for this purpose.

Pros and Cons

  • One stop shop for vitamins and menopause support
  • Not completely natural


Menopause can bring with it a lot of unwelcome characteristics. Among them, hot flashes, insomnia, aches and pains, and mood swings are frequent even before you are at the stage in which your menopause has wholly switched on.

By upholding FDA guidelines and being packaged in the USA, Profemin aims at targeting the most widely known symptoms of menopause. Profemin avoids hormones in its formula. One capsule offers 257 mg of herbs angelica gigas and phlomis umbrosa – both linked to normalization of some of the overactive female hormones.

The recommended dosage is two a day bringing a month’s supply to around $55. It’s not a cheap option. Though it does boast of having some healthy herbal value to it, it is colored with blue, red, and yellow dyes that prevent it from being an actual, all-natural product.

Pros and Cons

  • Hormone-free and gluten free
  • Artificial additives
  • Pricey

Final Thoughts

Every woman has gone through their journey to arrive at menopause. Depending on your lifestyle and what you are known to need in your own body, there is no one-stop-shop when it comes to combat symptoms of menopause. Likewise, there are no definitive answers yet as to what will work on the body overall.

Bottles can feature a long list of ingredients that are overwhelming. We’ve done our best here to highlight those that will work, those you should be wary of, and when you should use it.

Among them, there are some ancient remedies that, while not directly endorsed by regulators, have demonstrated positive effects on women. Black Cohosh is among the biggest one. It’s been used in many cultures for centuries, and one is the most natural, herbal remedies you can add to your daily life. 

A lot of options include soy, which we listed here as a con. That all depends on how you use it, perceive it, or implement it into your diet. As with any vitamins or supplements, your doctor may know best.

Regardless of the herb or supplement you choose, there are options in alleviating some of those daily pains women face on the regular. Whether it’s anxiety, hot flashes or insomnia, paying particular attention to what your body needs and providing it will bring some relief. Rest-assured.