Best Cordyceps Extracts, Powders & Supplements – April, 2021 Reviews

There are such a plethora of mushrooms on earth that most people only know the handful that is commonly used to cook or the ones that have psychedelic effects. The truth is, there are tens of thousands of strands of mushrooms that exist. Each has their specific makeup and effects, from edible to psychedelic to poisonous.

Among these many many fungi, Cordyceps are widely used for their medicinal properties. There are thousands of types of mushrooms, and when it comes to Cordyceps you’ll be getting a similar range of selection. There are 400 species of Cordyceps alone! 

A fascinating thing about this breed is that they are parasitic. It’s a fungus that infects a host (usually a caterpillar) and grows into a mushroom similar to the forms most people are familiar with seeing. While it kills the caterpillar host to create a fruited body, that body does wonders for the human body.

These essential fungi can be found mostly in high mountain regions of Tibet and China. They’ve been used in these regions for centuries for their beneficial qualities. They’re known for their effect on the body’s immune system, aiding in the control of stress, increasing libido, or for maintaining glucose levels for improved athletic performance.

We’re going to explore a few options that you can purchase to get a chance to feel the beneficial effects of these caterpillar mushrooms.

Best Cordyceps Extracts, Powders & Supplements

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Real Mushrooms Cordecyps-M Powder

There are many different forms of Cordyceps that you’ll find when looking to buy them as supplements. Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M promises to provide fruited mushrooms, no fillers, and satisfaction.

It came in a soluble powder form and recommended to add to coffee, tea, shakes, or food as desired.

This package comes with 60 grams of the mushroom and is certified organic. You’ll be able to feel extremely confident adding it to anything you usually enjoy.

This brand also offers the same formula in capsules. The capsule form is the same formula, but you’ll be adding some ingredients to create the pill.

Pros and Cons

  • certified organic and guaranteed to have no additives
  • produced explicitly from the fruiting body of mushrooms
  • capsule version contains some additives to create the pill

Bulk Supplements Pure Cordyceps

Taking Cordyceps in powder form with this Bulk Supplements powder could be an excellent way to avoid additives that often come with purchasing the capsulated formulas.

It’s free of any soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, or additives and contains 7% cordecypic acid per 1500mg serving.

It’s recommended to be taken three times a day in 1000mg dosages, or twice daily in 1500mg dosage. As a benefit of heart health and circulation, this powder form is a good option for athletes looking to achieve peak performance levels.

When you see “other ingredients: none,” you know you’re getting what you paid for.

Pros and Cons

  • absolutely no fillers, additives, or dyes.
  • affordable
  • suggested to be taken 2-3 times daily

Pure Cordyceps Capsules

The fruited body is what makes the mushroom a fully-grown cordyceps. This formula only includes the “Cordyceps Sinensis” which is drawn from the origination of the fungi in the host-body, but not brought to the full-fruited mushroom top. It will still provide the benefits of the Cordyceps.

Each of these capsules is 525mg. It has a higher dosage most-likely linked to the fact that it is in the sinensis form when it’s created into the tablet. This could be a good (but pricey) option for those just trying it out.

Pros and Cons

  • 100% organic and vegetarian
  • Only sold in bulk for a higher price
  • uses Cordyceps sinensis

Vitacost ROOT2 Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

The magic behind the mushroom in this capsule is backed by thousands of years of Chinese medicine.

These mushrooms that grow well and abundantly in China, Nepal, and Tibet have a property that is said to activate the immune system. By having your immune system awake and alert, you’ll be much less prone to disease and virus.

This specific bottle will give you 60 capsules worth 500 mg each. It’s priced at $11 which is a great deal. The downside is that the tablet is made with rice flour, gelatin, magnesium, vegetable acid and silicon dioxide. All of these ingredients are meant to be binders or preservatives, but the render the formula non-vegan and not entirely natural.

Pros and Cons

  • the only active ingredient is 500mg of Cordyceps
  • very fairly priced
  • the pill has a lot of binding additives, including gelatin making this formula non-vegan

Om Organic Mushroom Cordyceps

If you want the full punch of Cordyceps, that’s what you’ll get in Cordyceps militaris. Cordyceps, especially in this pungent form, will provide energy, stamina, and endurance.

This formula is also 100% Organic, Non-GMO, and gluten-free. You’ll be able to add this to tea, coffee, yogurt (you name it!) and get 2 grams of Cordyceps militaris. The only downside to this is the taste. It isn’t necessarily a bad taste, but the mushroom taste is not masked.

The most significant upside to taking powdered versions like this instead of capsules is you are guaranteed to avoid any of the ingredients that are often necessary to make the tablet. There won’t be any type of rice flour or gelatin in this package - just pure, unadulterated Cordyceps!

Pros and Cons

  • organic, gluten-free, vegan
  • powdered versions of Cordyceps provide all of the wellness without the additives
  • not-flavored

Mental Refreshment Cordyceps

These 500mg capsules come at a high price with a generous amount. It takes two tablets to get the full dose of 1000mg of Cordyceps extract, but it’s an excellent option for those looking to avoid any and all artificial flavors, dyes,

This version of Cordyceps comes as a cocktail. Part of the full dosage comes from the sinensis version of the mushroom, while they get the other fraction of the dosage from different forms of extraction. It is still coming from the same mushroom, just extracted in different ways.

There is no denying the value you get for this bottle. With a money-back guarantee, it could be among the best of the capsules to try out if you’re deciding what works best for you regarding implementing Cordyceps into your diet.

Pros and Cons

  • great value for a three month supply
  • money-back guarantee
  • no artificial additives
  • gluten-free
  • non-vegan

NusaPure 1000MG Cordyceps

Here we have another capsule cocktail. NusaPura’s Cordyceps come very similar to Mental Refreshment’s; 200 capsules worth of 500mg Cordyceps each. It also implements Cordyceps in the form of sinensis.

The one downside of their particular formula is the gelatin and rice powder. It’s much less of a risk-factor than many other dyes or additives that capsules can contain. However, gelatin makes this particular formula non-vegan/vegetarian. 

Pros and Cons

  • even more reasonably priced than Mental Refreshments Cordyceps
  • non-vegetarian

Sun Potion Cordyceps Powder

Traditionally grown in Asian countries at very high altitudes, this powdered formula offers USA, home-grown Cordyceps.

This formula will cost you nearly $40. It contains 100g of cordyceps powder, recommended to be taken mixed into food or drinks. It’s said by consumers to have a soft, mild flavor, making it an enjoyable and practical way to consume Cordyceps.

Cordyceps are used to provide a lot of aid to the body, including immune health, athletic performance, increased sex drive and more. For all of the benefits it has, it is not beneficial for sleep. Don’t use it close to bedtime. If you’re starting with it, start with small amounts.

Though it is a much higher priced Cordyceps formula, it is from a trusted brand, and most reviewers seem very happy with the product.

Pros and Cons

  • grown in the USA
  • organic, gluten-free, vegan
  • much pricier option than others
  • could be very intense and have an adverse effect on sleep

NOW Cordyceps

From this bottle, you’ll get 90 capsules at 750mg each. That sounds like a wonderfully potent dose, but looking closely you’ll see that this formula is made with Cordyceps Sinensis – not the fully bloomed mushroom.

This isn’t a complete con of the product, though. There are indeed still benefits to consuming the many forms of Cordyceps.

The differences lie only in the stage or section of their growth that is harvested and used. All versions of Cordyceps are used for their medicinal value.

It uses only that ingredient and three others to create the capsule. There’s no gelatin, meaning no animal products.

The serving size is two capsules. If you are new to taking Cordyceps, perhaps begin by taking one day to see how it works for you.

Pros and Cons

  • vegetarian
  • made in the USA
  • uses Cordyceps sinensis

Host Defense Cordyceps Extract

Another way to avoid any of the capsulated-additives is to use the fluid form. Like the powder, this extract comes in a vial made with the fully-grown Cordyceps militaris extract. The little dropper can be used to add 1mL of Cordyceps to any food or drink you want to take it with.

To turn the substantial form of the mushrooms into a fluid, they are soaked in alcohol. The alcohol serves as a solvent, allowing for the health qualities of the fungus to be extracted and serves in a liquid form.

This bottle comes at a fair price for one fluid oz. You can also get it a size up (2 fl. oz) if you’re ready to bring your body to the positive endurance and energy levels associated with these magic mushrooms.

Of all the ways to intake Cordyceps, this could be the most controlled. The dropper is in your hands – add as much or as little as you want to begin to feel the effects of this natural stamina supporter.

Pros and Cons

  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO
  • Contains alcohol and myceliated brown rice

Final thoughts

We looked a lot of different forms of what we deemed to be “Cordyceps.” Though it comes in these various forms, it all comes from the same parasitic fungi. Whether it’s powdered or capsulated or made into an elixir, the medicinal qualities will remain.

There was also a lot of mention of the different types of Cordyceps you could get your hands on. We discussed that “Cordyceps sinensis” is less potent than militaris as it is unable to produce the fruited body associated with mushrooms. This fact is relative to the truth behind Cordyceps as a potent and beneficial supplement.

No matter which way is your preferred consumption method, you’ll get the chance to explore the incredible power of the Cordyceps. There is still a lot of research to be done on the effects of these mushrooms. It’s worth nothing, however, that though the FDA may not have their stamp on these, ancient medicine has been a massive advocate for consumption of these mushrooms.

Whether you are looking for increased athletic performance or sex drive, or want to have little extra energy in your day or your immune system, Cordyceps could be a great natural option. You won’t have to hike to the highest mountains in foreign lands for them. Even if you did, taking these mushrooms would give you the strength to forage for them in the thin air!