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Best Cheap Treadmill – January, 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

For many, a gym membership turns into a treadmill membership. The treadmill is an excellent cardio machine to get in shape when you aren’t into lifting weights. It seems to be the only place to get your sweat on aside from hitting the pavement.

That’s changed now! Treadmills with substantial price tags are not the only option anymore. With a little bit of space and funds, you could have your treadmill at home and skip the commute and the line.

Expensive treadmills often have all the bells and whistles a cheap one does – but a whole lot more. Cut the fat of your selection, and you’ll still be able to find some treadmills with incredible features.

Some of the main features of worthwhile treadmills are space running belt, continuous horsepower (CHP) for speed and durability, and power incline. You can find cheap treadmills that meet all these requirements, plus have space-saving techniques and extra data saving.

It’s all about going after the right ones – so we’ve compiled some of the best options for a budget here.

Best Cheap Treadmill

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NordicTrack T 6.5 S

NordicTrack makes some of the best treadmills in the business. They have several models that are highly rated Amazon choices. This model is one of them and falls at a comfortable, cheap price.

The T 6.5 S has very few limits regarding what your exercise routine is. It runs on 2.6 CHP for a 55-inch running belt. This is a good length for you if you are more inclined to running than jogging or walking.

And speaking of incline – this model will incline to boost the amount of climb you’ll have to do and the calories you’ll burn. If you’re not sure how high you should go, one of the 20 built-in programs will help to push you through your workout.

This treadmill also provides connectivity to your iPhone so you can be the DJ of your workout.

Pros and Cons

  • Longer running belt for longer strides
  • Amazon’s Choice for treadmill
  • Expert assembly comes at an additional cost

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603

The SunnyHealth & Fitness Treadmill falls in the perfect spot for “cheap.” It’s priced at about $355 and offers plenty of the features of some of the more advanced treadmills.

Most treadmill running paths are between 45 and 60+ inches. The longer the track, the better they are for running, as you’ll need as much space as possible for your stride. This running belt is 49 inches long, a good standard for walking and jogging.

You can break into a sprint on this affordable treadmill. It hits rates of 9 MPH and adjusts for incline as wanted. If you’re not sure where to start, it is programmed with nine programs that can help you identify your goals and complete the right exercise to reach it.

This incredibly affordable treadmill also folds up, so when you’re done for the day, you’ll have to put it back in storage. No bulky equipment and a minimal hit to your bank account!

Pros and Cons

  • Includes nine built-in workout programs
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Running deck isn’t optimal for high intensity sprinting

Horizon Fitness T101-04

Good Housekeeping and the Treadmill Doctor agree that this treadmill is a fantastic value for an even better price. You’ll pay a little more than the ones we’ve suggested so far, but you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.

With 2.25 CHP and a 55 inch long running belt, you’ll have the capabilities of doing moderate-intensity distance running. It also inclines to help target different muscle groups and build strength.

Among the 30 built-in workout programs, you’ll have the option to hone in on exactly what you are trying to improve. Instead of a hiring a trainer, your treadmill will guide you through workouts based on calorie-burning, interval training, distance, or step-goal.

As an added motivator, you can plug in your device to listen to music through surround speakers. Watch your heart rate go up with their pulse grip monitors. Overall, this treadmill beats going to the gym and beats a lot of other prices!

Pros and Cons

  • Provides 30 built-in programs based on distance, calorie-goal, and interval workouts
  • Quiet motor and stable design that won’t shake when you run
  • not very lightweight

Goplus Black Jaguar III

We up the horsepower for more running capabilities with the Goplus Black Jaguar III. This model hits 2.25HP – still not ideal for great running but can allow for a little extra push.
You’ll also get the added push of the incline in three levels.

If music doesn’t cut it for entertainment, this model has a 5” LCD display so you can keep engaged during your workout. The LCD screen will display your progress of distance, calories, incline, time, speed, and pulse.

This is a good option for smaller spaces. It folds and has padding on it to reduce the noise and impact on the floor. You can choose from the 12 built-in workout programs or watch your own Blue-Ray all while having peace of mind that you’re not causing a ruckus.

Pros and Cons

  • Equipped with a Blue-Ray LCD screen
  • Easily foldable with silicone pads to reduce noise while operating
  • Running belt is only 47 inches long
  • No external entertainment connection


This option goes beyond cheap and into easy. It has capabilities of up to 9 MPH and 15 levels of incline. You’ll still be able to control it manually, but you also have the “quick” option. Just tap one of the buttons for a gradual increase in speed or incline during your workout.

You’ll also get the useful training programs offered on the LCD screen. There are 9 to choose from on this model, ranging from light incline walking to running. The belt isn’t ideal for intense running, but it is a compact version.

Track speed, calories, heart rate, and speed all while listening to your own music. It comes equipped with speakers and cord-connectivity so you can customize your workout.

Pros and Cons

  • Bluetooth and input/output connectivity
  • Quick incline buttons for ease access
  • Workout programs installed
  • 47-inch running belt

Goplus 2.5HP Folding Treadmill

This Goplus model is a step up from the previous one we looked at. It increases the horsepower to 2.5 and reaches 10MPH, making it a better option for those more apt to running.

The belt is still slightly short at 47 inches. The inclination will get up to 15% and you can track your climbing progress on the LCD display. If you want to follow the data, this model comes with a smart treadmill app. Just download it on your phone and track or share your progress.

Its price is slightly higher than the previous Goplus model we looked at, but if you’re looking for a more intense workout or running speeds, this is the better option.

Pros and Cons

  • 55in. Track
  • Quick adjustments for incline
  • 47-inch running track

Marcy JX-650W Folding Treadmill

This Marcy treadmill is one built very middle of the road. It will accommodate and facilitate a good workout but probably isn’t the best for intense training. It has 2CHP and hit top speed at 8MPH. There is also no incline.

The running track is 47” inches length, but 16.5 inches wide for a little extra space. There are ten preset workout routines that are programmed to mimic different terrains, giving you a bit of a more diverse workout. If it ever gets too tough, there’s a safety key for added protection.

This is great for more free workouts, while still giving you some added challenge. It’s effortless to use and works with you to gear up for your sweat session. You can set time before a workout to have an added warm up before you crank it. The LED screen will show you when speeds begin to pick up.

Pros and Cons

  • Safety key for added protection
  • Shock-absorption for a quiet workout
  • 47”; shorter track
  • Reaches 8MPH, less ideal for running at high intensity

Exerpeutic TF 3000

This treadmill, the last on our list, will provide the most bang for your buck when searching for affordability and offerings.

The running belt is long and wide. At 51 inches, it will allow for long strides in the running. It has 2HP and a quiet motor, but will still reach speeds of 8 MPH.

You’ll also get an LCD display for all of the essentials during cardio workouts, including time, distance, calories, speed, and pulse. For entertainment, it provides dual stereo speakers and USB connectivity for your phone.

It isn’t the fastest. It isn’t the cheapest. However, for an in-home gym, it could be the most practical.

Pros and Cons

  • 51 inch belt
  • Top speed is 8MPH

Shayin 2.0HP Folding Treadmill

For half the price of the T-101 model, Shayin offers much of the same capabilities. Twelve pre-set programs will guide you through the same workout options. Keep track of your heart rate distance, calories burned, and speed with the LED console that is built in.

The quiet motor uses 2.0 HP, much lower than many other models. This is still a right amount of force to accompany walking and jogging exercise. There also is no incline, so your walking and jogging exercises would be more effective with time than intensity.

It has two safety-stop features: one on the handrail and one as a key. This provides dual-protection if you were to trip or slip. Luckily, the running belt is made with grass pattern, which is meant to give a softer run and be less harsh on your joints.

Even slightly stripped-down, this model is a great, foldable purchase to get added calorie-burning into your day.

Pros and Cons

  • Built-in workouts and LED monitor for progress tracking
  • No incline
  • Lower horsepower makes it less ideal for intense running

Kizean Smart Home Treadmill

The Smart Home treadmill from Kizean is an excellent quality treadmill that still falls under $800.

Some of the bells and whistles include a USB port, phone holder, cup holder, and handrail heartrate sensors. You can also adjust your speed without losing your grip. There are speed buttons on the handrails that give you maximum control of your workout while it’s happening.

The running belt is a little short. At 46”, it isn’t ideal to get too far into sprints lest you lose your footing. However, it’s built with an incredible layer material for shock absorption, silencing, and anti-slip support. You’ll also get horsepower and speed that are conducive to running.

You’ll get the same foldability as you would with many other treadmills of its kind. It does not incline, but with it’s 3HP and 10MPH capabilities it’s best for a workout with much running.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjust your speed without losing your grip
  • 3.0 HP motor and a top speed of 10MPH
  • 46” running belt
  • No incline

Final Thoughts

Treadmills are like cars. There’s a lot that they can do, but one a few things you need it to do. On this list of cheap treadmills, you’ll be able to save some money while still getting the necessary functions for your workout.

While these won’t break the bank, it’s still an investment. Having the pertinent information about what you’re purchasing upfront will help you not get surprised when you open up your equipment. Take a little leap for one of these, and you’ll be taking many more steps toward good health in your daily life!