About Pure Path

Pure Path Essential Oils is a naturopathic wellness company that promotes healthy living and healing through the use of essential oils and sustainable living. However, Pure Path is also a community.

We are a group of regular people who have found extraordinary ways to live our lives healthier, happier, and with more abundance. Meet the team, join our community, or just feel free to browse our content to learn about how you can become healthy and stay healthy!

If you are a new reader and want to get started on your health journey today, check out our Getting Started Page.

As natural health care enthusiasts, we really do believe (and have experienced it first hand!) that the majority of health problems can be prevented and even reversed through natural and organic treatments.

We are passionate about solving the world’s health issues by connecting people with simplified and actionable information. Pure Path was made to help you discover and implement natural remedies to get and stay healthy. We believe life should be energetic and fueled with real, unprocessed foods and supplemented with natural alternatives to modern medicine.  

Meet The People Behind Pure Path!

Trysh Sutton

Trysh Sutton is a wife, mother, attorney, interior decorator, strategic leader and teacher. She has an eye for business, innovation and perfection - and a desire to help her family, her friends and herself live a healthy and happy life.

Trysh's mission is to combine her business knowledge and experience helping people overcoming health issues with her attitude of successful “against all odds”. Her strong Christian principles and work ethic allows her to deliver the best to her business associates (which she calls her second family) and customers.

Trysh loves fitness, the beach, warm weather, great coffee and Italian food. Trysh and Jim (her husband) have six children and many animals (commonly referred to as “the zoo”)

Trysh uses essential oils to help keep her energy levels high during the day, and be able to relax and sleep well at night.

If it doesn't CHALLENGE you - it doesn't CHANGE you #purepath

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Brandy Haiman

Brandy Haiman is a wife, mother and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She has been in private practice for over twenty years, counseling children and adults. Her passion is in helping others improve their circumstance, as well as, improving the community in which she lives.

Brandy serves on numerous boards whose focus align well her passions. She is dedicated to her family and her pets which she affectionately calls the “fur babies" (two dogs, one cat and a hedgehog).

For fun, Brandy enjoys travel, quality time with friends and the beach. She spends what spare time she has focused on her continued education as a therapist and learning how Pure Path can continue to help her and those around her. Anyone that knows her, considers her a friend.

Brandy uses essential oils to ​help sleep more soundly at night, and to keep anxiety at bay!

Success & happiness come from a solid foundation of healthy habits, choices & lifestyle  #purepath

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