Pure Path Living is a health & wellness company that promotes healthy living and healing.

Our Mission is to provide the world with better access to accurate, easily understandable, & actionable healthcare information.

We don’t mean “healthcare” as in health insurance, Medicare, or paying premiums to see doctors – but rather healthcare as the definition suggests:

healthcare – the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind.
any of the procedures or methods employed in this field. (source)

We believe that everyone in the world has the innate right to accurate, actionable, and free information that can help them live better lives. Not everyone is born with the same health concerns, but everyone should be able to live to be their best self.

  • We believe in healing through medicine.
  • We believe in healing through nature.
  • We believe in healing through food.

We exist to provide people with options & answers, and we strive to create a platform where everyone has access to the information, tools, practices, and products they need to live better, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

What do we stand for?

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  1. We want the world to have free, accurate, up-to-date information about how to live better and be healthy, so we put a lot of time and effort into creating content that people are searching for, need help with, and that gives solutions to the issues they face.
  2. We offer health scholarships for students, aspiring doctors and health professionals to help aide in their journey to becoming a positive influence in the health industry, and on the world.
  3. Each year we donate a percentage of our revenue to medical research, and by partnering with professionals like yourself – you are helping to grow our presence as a leader in health, which in turn helps us continue to grow and further medical advancements through our charitable donations.

Why Should You Listen To Us?

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Since its inception, Pure Path has become the trusted source for evidence-based health information. With over 2 million visitors each year , more & more people are relying on our team’s research to help with health solutions.

Every individual has a right to the pursuit of a healthier life, and we are constantly striving for ways to provide better access to healthcare – whether that be through information, grants, or other means. We are here to help people.

Our editorial guidelines detail how we collect, produce, and publish information. We strive to always provide accurate, up-to-date, relevant, actionable health information backed by scientific research, or real life success stories.

Pure Path Living is not just one person, or one company – we are a constantly growing community of health professionals, MDs, PHDs, physical therapists, natural healthcare enthusiasts, chronic illness survivors, natural health professionals, and ordinary folks with extraordinary recovery stories. We really do believe (and have experienced it first hand!) that the majority of health problems can be prevented and even reversed with the right information and behavior.


Medical Review Team

Following our mission to provide people with better access to healthcare & accurate information, we have created a Medical Review Team. These reviewers are credentialed subject matter experts who have built careers around the field of health & medicine they review. They contribute their ever evolving knowledge & expertise to ensure that all the information we present is timely, accurate and actionable.

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Authors & Editors

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The Pure Path authors & editors have the primary responsibility of assembling medical & scientific research into cohesive, easy-to-understand, actionable pieces of content.

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We are incredibly grateful for the amount of support we constantly receive. There are numerous individuals who are continually contributed to making Pure Path the leader in health information, but some of the key people that have helped shape our company and continue to innovate are mentioned here.

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Referenced Medical Professionals & Publications

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